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The F&B sector of Thailand is highly competitive. According to the reports, Thailand is expecting over 5% of annual growth and by the year 2026, it will be in the top 6 F&B markets in the world. So, what should be the secret to survive in this hyper competitive overstocked hospitality market? Where almost 25% of the nightlife establishments in Thailand are running at loss, resorting to a genuine approach of enhancing customer experience becomes important.



The importance ofinterior design for a bar restaurant

Imagine it’s a weekend and there are two bar restaurants on opposite sides of the road. One is fully packed and the other one is surprisingly deserted, which one will you enter? Studies revealed that peer-to-peer recommendation affects 80% of the customer conversions and therefore people are likely to enter a crowded place because that establishment is supposedly delivering a better customer experience. The secret to this is not the food, not the menu, or the pricing, it’s about the entire experience. The interior designof bar restaurantplays a huge role in enticing patrons.


No matter how competitive the location or the price range is, if an F&B  establishment is lacking a design identity, then chances are high to expect a downward trajectory. Multiple factors are supporting the fact that hiring a restaurant interior designer is the key to ensure a memorable experience, such as:

  • Thezen-like relaxing concept is popular for food hall interior design in Thailand. People prefer to be at a place that feels safe, comfortable and rejuvenating. To stay ahead of the competition, it is important to attain that vibe.
  • It is widely accepted that an inviting place should be Instagram worthy. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise the brand identity for the sake of flashy walls and gaudy décor pieces. Top Thailand interior designerssuggestthat creating a visually interesting place can be an efficient social media marketing campaign for your business. Picking the mood and preferences of the key demographics and amalgamating it with the most unique design aspects can make a huge difference even for an ice-cream parlour.
  • The colour on the walls, the choice of lighting and the harmony of the décor elements largely impact customer psychology. The concept of self-image tells that consumers only associate themselves with a brand in which they reflect their own image. The top F & B interior designtrends are all about creating a brand identity that leaves a psychological impact and entices customers to visit the place again.

Interior design has a huge impact on psychology and leveraging it can definitely help in enchanting the customer experience. Keep on reading, to know which are top design elements that reflect a true and competitive Thailand interior design.


Primary design aspects to enhance customer experience

Obviously, branding, marketing, and PR can get your business to the limelight. But, the design and ambience of a place is the silent salesman to give you huge ROI for the longest period. The key aspects of food hall interior design in Thailandthat assure total customer satisfaction can be:

  • Design and architectural beauty
  • Ambient and accent lighting
  • Comfortable and welcoming seating area
  • A smart combination of stimulating and relaxing colours
  • Trendy acoustics


There is no one size fits all approach. The concept of interior design inbar restaurant

is definitely different than an ice cream parlour. One place can be large and noisy and the other can be small and cozy. To make sure that the place is functioning correctly, you need to be conscious about the design decisions that directly impact the customer emotions. If you want your business to be viral on the social media, try discussing the desirable impact you want to achieve with one of the top Thailand interior designers.









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