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Equine therapy was basically started as the program which involved using of the horses for riding therapeutically mainly for the for individuals having the physical disabilities. Moreover, the experiences of horseback riding and Equine Assisted Therapy which is provided rider with the gentle rhythm that is quite much similar to human gait; is usually helpful to improve and enhance the strength of muscle, flexibility as well as their balance. This even has also been observed that people with mental disabilities or emotional disabilities will be able to get benefit from horse interactions. The individual creates the relationship with horse which may also help to create their confidence, their self-esteem as well as patience.The program that is exclusively developed, and it is also ever evolving, is the Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy.


EAP – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

The EAP offered by Equine Therapy Sunshine Coastis a comparatively new field, and yet it is in experimental stages. People also learn about themselves through interacting in the series of the activities that is specific activities with the horses. The Equine Therapies Near Me is not usually related to riding horses. It’s more about the therapeutic activities which take place on ground under the complete guidance of the licensed psychologist along with the equine specialist. Here, the Equine Therapy Near Me on the horses generally is without using saddles or bridles. Such kind of activities offer advantageous therapeutic healing as well as growth, through teaching the people how to deal with and also about learning about the emotions. It assists people to enhance the awareness about how the emotions affect different people.

Reasons for using Horses!

The reason that why does Equine Therapy Australia uses horses and not any other animals? The horses are known to be the social animals. These usually offer the distinct personalities as well as temperaments. Usually, they mirror the body language of human by telling them about reacting immediately on different signals that you may never realize which you send. The horses are powerful and large their size may even be intimidating to different people. Participating in the activity with horse, irrespective of their presence and their size will develop confidence.

Process of EAP

In the process of EAP; the halter is given to the participant where the individual is instructed for moving in the arena and also to catch a horse. According to the approach, horse may also simply back away, may run, or may even allow the individual for simply placing the halter on their head. It may definitely be a simple task, or could be a quite challenging task, this depends on how does horse takes their body movement. They might also give up as well as simply walk away, as it appears to be simply impossible, or may also try a great variety of methods till they approach the horse as well as till they place the halter on its head. Several times it needs more than single session to simply accomplish the activity.

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