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Mumbai is a city of dreams and extremes. It presents the best and worst of many things. Getting acommercial office space on rent in Mumbai is one such hardship. The choices can range from the posh areas, most expensive office to the dingiest and cheapest one. This ‘choice paradox’ is what makes it difficult for any person looking to rent an office determine if the area is fit-for-purpose and also act as a strategic business tool. It Parks In India

Here is a list offew essential considerations while choosing the right office space to rent in Mumbai:-


  1. Define the purpose and goals to rent office space

Whether you are just starting fresh with a new office or looking to move your current office to a different location, you need to clearly define the purpose and desired outcomes before renting the office space. Having clarity on the purpose like:-

  • Is rental cost the primary purpose for you to move your office
  • Is your purpose driven by expansion plans and you need to accommodate more employees
  • Are you facing talent acquisition which you could address with an office in a better location
  • You want to save on-going maintenance costs and other overheads.

You may be driven by one or more of the above mentioned factors. It is important to decide on the basis of the priority that you attach to each of these goals.

  1. Determine the amount of space and type of office you need

Depending on whether you are looking for a short-term view, immediate-term view or a long-term view, the decision on your office choice can vary. If you have a significant expansion in mind, you may want to consider unfurnished, custom office space that you can furbish as per your specific needs. On the other hand, moving into a private office or a co-working space within an established business center is a lot easier and faster than getting an office customized from empty space. The cycle time for the latter must be duly considered in your plans, as the customization you do must be appropriate for the longer term.

  1. Select the most appropriate location

In a city like Mumbai where people are forced to travel long distances to reach their work place, selecting appropriate location for office space is extremely important. There are several factors that you need to consider when evaluating location. A few of them are:-

  • Are you accessible?
  • Are you close to public transport?
  • Is the office building in a locality that is considered safe for all, including women to work at?
  • Are there good restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers nearby which will make it convenient for people working in the office to manage their personal interests with their work.

Parel and Andheri present a huge advantage for people on both the Western and Central Railway lines. Conveniently located office is a big boon in a Mumbaikar’s hectic life. Even a few minutes saved in commuting can improve employee retention.

  1. Scope for business development

When you are looking out to rent an office, do consider “captive environment”. Appropriate knowledge about the kind of companies in the same complex and in the vicinity is essential. Although technology has flattened the world and made it easier to conduct business across distances, physical proximity might help get more business. Raheja Mindspace

  1. The infrastructure, facilities and services provided

While renting an office in a commercial complex or business center, you need to verify that the building and the surrounding area does not face too many disruptions. This can lead to loss in productivity, eventually cost huge to the business. Renting an office space in Mumbai directly from the owner, builds clear transactional relationship. You don’t usually get much more than the space to us. Renting an office in a corporate center in Mumbai, gives you an advantage of a whole bunch of value-added services with waved-off office maintenance at much needed convenience.

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