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How can I decorate my baby’s room? If you still ask, here are some tips and tricks, based on the most frequently asked questions from parents and guardians…


  1.     Can I decorate the baby’s room without painting?

Yes, you can easily decorate your baby’s room with our Kids Room Wall Stickers, no need to paint. Our Kid’s room wall decals are easier and faster than painting your room. The wall decals can be customized in any color, shape or size, and removed once your little one is grown up.



  1.     How can I make my baby’s room cozy?

To adding lots of soft and cozy fabrics, such as rugs and blankets, choosing a range of warm colors (think warm-toned pinks, terra-cotta, and greens) brings a wonderful warmth to the baby’s room. You can incorporate these shades throughout the room, even in paint and teenagers’ wall decals.


  1.     How can I remove the bedroom wall decals?

The bedroom wall stickers are easy to remove. Just follow these steps and the wall decals will come off quickly without damaging the walls.


  1. Gently pull the bottom corner of the decal; if it lifts easily, you should be able to slowly and carefully detach it
  2. If the wall decal does not come off easily, heat the area with a hairdryer at low speed until it lifts. Then move on to the next section and repeat.
  3. Going slowly and calmly is the best way to remove a wall decal to avoid damage
  4. Wash off any residue with warm soapy water. Done!


  1.     Can I order custom wall decals for a child’s room?


Yup! Visit MyCuteStickons Website and create custom wall decals for your child’s room in any shape, size, and design, so you can add a personal touch! If you have any pre-sales question, so you can contact us directly at +919999505959 or love2help@mycutestickons.com


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