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People suffering from back pain want to get relief from it primarily. Since their primary consideration is to eliminate back pain, they need to know about the various treatment methods and their outcomes too. This will help to achieve their goal effectively and precisely. As different people may have different causes and intensity of back pain from others, the treatment mode may be different depending on their needs and conditions. You can visit a Back Center to get an effective solution to your problem. 


Basic Treatment:

Generally, people can get relief from back pain by utilizing some of the simple home remedies. If the pain is not extensive and constant, you can get relieved in two or three days by adopting home treatments. But if the pain stays longer and very severe, a physician may recommend spinal X-rays to determine the root cause of the pain. Maybe the cause behind your back pain is swelling in the muscles slightly.  If it is so, the physician may prescribe a combination of medicines, exercises, and physiotherapy.  Physiotherapy may be very helpful. It may consist of electric stimulation, magnetic heat therapy, diathermy, ultrasound treatment, etc.

Surgical Treatment:

Most people can take benefits of back surgery treatment when they have severe pain in the back. If you have slipped disc or nerve compression in an X-ray or M.R.I of the spine, the physician will recommend a surgical treatment to get you relieved from the back pain. Such patients might be recommended to go through surgery to get rid of back pain. Back surgery has been used commonly nowadays. It can be in the form of an open procedure or a procedure with the least incision. An open procedure is a main surgical method that is complex, can take a long time to study, and needs teamwork to be hospitalized for a longer time. Accordingly, the recovery period may also be longer. Discuss the treatment at Back Center New Jersey before opting for it.



Since minimally invasive surgical procedures are available, more and more people are choosing this form of back pain treatment. These methods are simply carried out by making a cut on the surface of the skin. The physician inserts some special surgical devices like a laparoscope through the cut on the surface of the skin. These surgeries don’t cause pain and require only local anesthesia. You can refer to them as minor surgery. The recovery time is also not longer, the patient is able to walk on his feet and even climb the stairs the very next day. 

As a result, the patient can get relief for a longer time period. After the execution of the treatment, the patient will need extra care and he/she should not strain his/her back and exercise daily.  This will reduce the possibility of suffering from back pain in the future again, during his/her life span. 


Cost of surgery:

Lumbar interbody fusion may cost around $14,183.00 while the cost of open surgery may be $18,633.00. The costs may look cheaper due to the fact that a minimally invasive procedure does not have to be completed in a hospital setting.

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