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Porcelain Veneers have been helpful in perking up the smile of an individual. A professional dentist would be able to do this with ease and dexterity. Fixing chipped or cracked teeth, cleaning the stubborn stains on the teeth, filling gaps in teeth, giving shape to shapeless teeth or misaligned tooth are some of the conditions when porcelain dental veneers are helpful.

They look aesthetically beautiful veneers cover the frontal of the tooth. They are designed in such a manner that it blends with your smile perfectly. The dentist checks out the teeth surrounding this tooth, measurements are taken and then porcelain dental veneers are made in such a manner so as to achieve a normal and gorgeous smile.


How porcelain veneers fitted?

The normal process involved would involve visits at least twice to the dentist. The first visit would involve inspection of the tooth, making casts of the smile. Based on these casts, the porcelain teeth veneers would have to be made so as to blend with your smile ensuring that any damage, discoloration is covered.

Once the impressions are done, the ceramic bond has been properly crafted; the Porcelain Veneers Dentist Near Me would call you for fitting these porcelain veneers. They are then polished so that you are able to smile naturally. These are the only two visits that you would have to make for fixing the porcelain dental veneers other than your routine follow-up.

Porcelain Veneers In Houston Tx resemble enamel and the results are dramatic. They look natural and attractive as compared to metal crowns which become black after some time. Metal crowns are visible when you smile and you might not look good and feel good wearing them. Veneers are basically used in cosmetic dentistry since they lend an aesthetic feel. Even if you have to get your fillings, bridges, or crowns repaired, veneers can be blended properly with them.

How porcelain veneers are useful?

It is useful in not only treating the prevalent dental problems but these veneers also provide security to the smile by preventing discoloration of chipping of the teeth in the future. If proper care is taken, this could last for another fifteen years. Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers are transparent ceramic and brittle material and they undergo various chemical processes so that they become stronger and tough.

How to care for porcelain dental veneers?

These are some steps that you can follow for porcelain veneers before and after care.

  1. Regular gums upkeep-

Unhealthy gums will be all the more visible with new veneers. If you suffer from periodontal disease or gum disease, this may cause receding of the gums – the very tissues that the porcelain teeth are fixed on.

  1. Avoid caffeinated beverages-

As with your original teeth, some porcelain veneers can also get stained by coffee, tea, and red wine. Smoking can also cause stains. If you do consume caffeinated beverages, a swish of water should remove some of the food particles.

  1. Avoid crunchy, brittle snacks-

It may go without saying, but if you have a habit of biting or chewing on hard plastic or metals, it may be a good idea to kick that habit once you have new veneers. If you’re one who plays a lot of contact sports or grinds his or her teeth while sleeping, investing in a mouth guard is a smart idea.

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