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Find out which Varicose Vein Treatment is best for you. As bad as it sounds but vein treatment is a good choice. All I want is for you to have the same positive vein treatment experience that I had.

But first, looking for a vein doctor that specializes in vein treatment is a top priority. Make sure your doctor has a certification from the American Board of Phlebology (vein doctors). I do not want you to visit vein website after vein website and still be confused about what to do. When I started my varicose vein treatment search, I had no idea there would be so many choices.


Just imagine this for a moment if you can. Great Saphenous Vein, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Venous Reflux Disease, and Endovenous Laser Treatment. What is the meaning of all this medical terminology? As a varicose vein patient, there are many procedures available for you. some of the vein treatment options offered in the United States include the newest ELVeS® (Endo Laser Vein System) to the old painful vein stripping surgery.

To narrow my search, I first had to decide which vein treatment near me option would be best for me. Not being into pain, I looked for a minimally invasive procedure that produced excellent results. The ultrasound-guided Endo Laser Vein system (ELVeS®) was exactly what I was looking for.

Treatment Options:

Your vein doctor  will guide you to the proper procedure just for your leg(s). Take your time and ask many questions. Here are a few common treatment options for you to consider.

  1. The traditional form of varicose vein treatment near me for varicose veins is surgical ligation and stripping. This invasive procedure can be expensive, leave scarring, and require general anesthesia, hospitalization, and a lengthy recovery period.

If you opt for vein stripping surgery, then the cost ranges from $1500 to $3000. The fees charged by the hospital and vein clinic are not included in this cost. If the varicose veins are debilitating or painful then insurance may pick up part of the tab.

  1. A second form of vein treatment  called Sclerotherapy, involves injecting a solution into the veins that causes the vein walls to swell, stick together and seal shut, turning the vein into scar tissue. Sclerotherapy is relatively less effective on larger veins but may be used as a complementary treatment after laser ablation to treat any small residual veins.


According to 2019 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of spider vein treatment(sclerotherapy) is $3343 and the average cost of laser treatment for leg veins is $443.

  1. A third form of varicose vein treatment near me — endovenous laser treatment — is relatively new, and has replaced stripping in most severe varicose vein cases. The ELVeS procedure is a preferred form of endovenous laser treatment: it combines the effectiveness of surgery with the minimally invasive, in-office ease of sclerotherapy, ELVeS is safe, in-office procedure that uses fewer injections, less local anesthesia, and offers a quick recovery time.

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