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One of the biggest roadblocks to successful hearing aid uptake is commonly relating to maintenance of the devices. There are many alternative brands that are frequently worked in Australia, such as Signia, Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, GN Resound. Independent hearing aid suppliers can usually sell and fit all brands.


Suppliers can have different packages starting from no aftercare to unlimited access to appointments. It’s important to regularly monitor your hearing and maintain your hearing aids, which may be simply achieved with an annual review appointment.



  1. Annual review appointments


When discussing hearing aid choices, most suppliers define a service package that’s enclosed with the devices. Your audiologist should see you annually for a review appointment lasting about thirty minutes. throughout this appointment your audiologist should:

  • Raise you whether or not you’re feeling your hearing has remained stable or deteriorated since your last appointment.
  • They will then check your ear canals for wax before conducting a brief screening to spot any changes in your hearing.
  • Following the hearing screening your audiologist will clean and check your hearing aids before connecting them to the programming software.
  • Finally, your audiologist will reset your hearing aids to the results from the screening to optimise the hearing aid performance.


  1. Servicing of hearing aids


Hearing aid servicing will usually be performed in-clinic, however typically the hearing aids have to be compelled to be sent to the manufacturer. Specialists in-clinic, or in-house, service usually involves an intensive clean and check of the hearing aids. Manufacturer servicing may embrace replacement of electronics, replacement of housing, or an intensive clean and check of the interior elements not accessible to the audiologist. Most makers provide a 3-year repair guarantee with the purchasing of hearing aids. It’s recommended to have them repaired annually.



  1. Adjustments/Programming


Typically hearing aids would require changes to the programming or adjustments between annual review check-ups. This might include user acclimatising to the gain settings, or it would relate to their expertise in an exceedingly specific environment. Open communication is encouraged, with several hearing clinics frequently contacting patients. That way if issues are known a hearing aid adjustment appointment is often scheduled.



  1. Upgrading your technology


Hearing aid makers can typically unharness a replacement hearing aid platform or technology biennially, this poses the question: once ought to I upgrade my hearing aids?


Hearing aids are expected to last for five years beneath the government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP) before refitting is permitted. Once the hearing aids are 5 years old your hearing clinic should contact the consumer to see if they need to schedule a briefing to trial newer technology. With excellent care and regular maintenance hearing aids ought to last a minimum of five years, however typically newer technology might yield a more robust performance in tougher listening environments, and an appointment with an audiologist can enable you to see for yourself if new hearing aids perform better than your current hearing aids.



  1. What are you able to do at home?


In addition to hardcopy hearing aid manuals, most makers give on-line video tutorials and FAQ pages on their websites. The audiologist should conjointly reinforce any specific expectations they may have of the user with respect to hearing aid cleanup tasks. One of the common causes of hearing aid malfunction is wax. An easy means of staying on top of wax may be requesting that your general practitioner check your ears for wax at every visit.



Understanding the aftercare advice provided and available to you – and what’s expected of you – is important! Suppliers are willing to supply you with the aftercare that suits your lifestyle. Communication with your audiologist and hearing clinic is one of the keys to adequate hearing aid use! contact your local audiologist for a hearing test. Attune has audiologists and information for all hearing levels.

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