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For those looking for a business writing and correspondence skills workshop – online or face to face – there are certain things you should consider. The first thing to consider is your own skill. Do you tend to use too many words to express yourself? Are you precise in what you’re trying to communicate? The fact is most businesses look for in a business write-ups is conciseness and clearly articulated ideas that immediately grab the reader’s attention. Colleagues, and especially higher-level managers, will not tell you that they didn’t understand your correspondence. They’ll simply discard it and move on to the next task in their busy day. You may think they didn’t like your idea. In reality, they probably didn’t understand your idea.

To put your words down in a way that expresses effective business writing and correspondence on every level, consider taking a business writing skills seminar online or face to face, in which ever way makes sense for your company.The following are some of the skills that you learn in an effective business writing skills workshop:

  • Defining purpose is an essential part of business writing. You cannot just simply grab a pen and paper or your laptop to start writing because you must. Knowing the purpose before drafting the document is important as it would give you a better understanding of what you would write, how you must begin and continue writing around it.
  • Learning to be concise. This is probably one of the biggest aspects of business writing which makes it different from other forms of writing. You would need to write as little as possible when it comes to business writing. When your message is clear, you must know that it is time to stop. In simple terms, if you can explain something in one sentence, do not use 3.
  • Learn to edit. This is perhaps the greatest skill of good writers. No one writes perfectly the first time. Good business writing requires that you go back, shorten, substitute, correct spelling and poor grammar, and rework sentences where needed, Even the most successful writers do this. Always!
  • Try to use common words instead of using jargon or low-frequency words that few people will understand. You always need to consider if your reading audience will understand without having to read the sentence again. Also try to write in the active voice. This usually shortens a sentence and lends credibility and power to your words.
  • Last but not the least, it is important to state facts over opinions. There’s a good chance your reader is not interested in your opinion.Stick to the fact, and let them do the persuading.

In developing the skills mentioned above, it is important that you find a business writing course online that will allow you to really practice these skills. Adding business writing skills to your skill-set will increase your all-around competence to move forward in your career. For those who can articulate themselves well, in both the written and spoken word, tend to advance. The International Presentation Academy is one of the fewtraining companies that will help you learn these essential skills – by giving the participant lots of meaningful practice and feedback. They have many programs in the area of communication, includingtrain-the-trainer online seminars and powerful presentations workshops online to help people develop professionally. For more information, contact us at: info@ip-academy.de

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