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There are several GPS navigation applications that you can download on your smartphone that can easily be accessed to go from point A to point B. These include;


Google Maps

This is the most commonly used navigation app since it’s popular for most people. It’s Google’s application which is greatly designed. It works for many forms of transportation, and is considered efficient since it adds departure and arrival time for driving and walking. It’s also convenient since it allows you to download map portions for offline use. Though it has its pros and cons, it’s the most used navigation App.


It contains high-quality maps around the world. It can be used while driving, cycling or walking. It has many listed details and can therefore help you to plan your trip. It can also be conveniently used when offline. It also allows you to share your location with friends, and receives frequent app updates.


This GPS navigation App has a great design and is targeted towards city navigation. It allows you to navigate offline after you download your chosen country. It even makes it easy to book a taxi because it has over 100 countries mapped included in its database. Here We Go has plenty of services to offer, and can be altered to suit your specific needs.


It has the privilege of giving you information on traffic, police, accidents, construction and road closures, gas prices. It allows you to make choices on the most suitable route to use.



TomTom Go

This App offers downloadable maps, offline route, traffic and speed camera alerts among many more. It includes maps for other countries and also features live traffic information.

Map Factor

Offline maps are included here and they can be used in over 200 countries. The maps are updated and the database is large due to OpenStreetMap data.

Apple Maps

This provides all the usual features and voice navigation, 3D map view for all directions and buildings and a virtual tour of your destination.


It provides social features like recommended nearby restaurants, real-time traffic information and speed updates. It also allows you to text people automatically to let them know their arrival time.

These are the best navigation apps that you can use in your car to move from one place to another accurately and on time. For more detail about car navigation as well as windscreen related services, contact Novus Auto Glass today.

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