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If you have an irrigation system that has contaminated water, you will need to install a water filtration system Australia to filter out unwanted particles. While not all contaminants can be removed, with correct water filtration an acceptable water quality can be achieved making the water suitable for irrigation.


In Australia, contaminants could include silt, sand, algae or other organic material.


Fortunately, there is a range of irrigation filters that allow a targeted approach to water filtration in an irrigation setting.


Sand filters, sometimes called media filters, are able to filter out both organic and inorganic particles. Many of us are quite familiar with sand filters through their use as a pool filter. Basically unwanted particles are trapped in the bed of sand or gravel, allowing the filtered water to be safely used for irrigation purposes.


Hydrocyclone filters use centrifugal force to spin out unwanted matter. water filtration system Perth Typically they are used to filter bore water which has a high sand content. The spinning motion allows the heavier sand to separate from the water and collect in the storage tank at the base of the filter. These types of water filters can be found around the Melbourne region where bore water is frequently used.


Screen filters work particularly well to filter water contaminated with silt or sand. A very fine stainless steel mesh traps particles, allowing the filtered water to pass through and be used for irrigation.





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Disc filters are popular for their versatility and ability to filter most types of contaminants. The discs are available in different configurations and groove patterns to suit the contaminant. They are very effective in removing organic matter, rotting weeds and algae. They do however require quite high water pressure. Advances have been made in their design and models requiring lower water pressure are now appearing on the market. One of the leading manufacturers of disc filters is Netafim. Their warehouse is based in Perth and their products are available through Think Water. Watch this video to see how disc filters work,




The type of water filtration used really depends on the type of irrigation. For example, a drip irrigation system needs to have the water filtered more finely or thoroughly than a spray irrigation system. Drip irrigation needs clean water to prevent blockages as opposed to spray irrigation where water is pumped at force through the nozzles or sprinkler heads. An example of this application can be found outside of Adelaide in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale vineyard areas. Drip irrigation is widely used to counteract the hot climate. The water source is often from dirty river water, catchment dams or recycled water. This water needs to be finely filtered to prevent the micro drip irrigation system from blocking up.


Water filters are available as both manual or automatic systems. Manual water filters do require a much more hands-on approach with regular checking and cleaning. Automatic filters operate using a timer and backflush system allowing the filter to clean itself. Automatic water filters are an essential part of any automatic irrigation system.


Clearly, the purpose of water filtration in relation to irrigation is to enhance the water quality, reduce blockages and contribute to the efficiency of the overall irrigation delivery. Choosing the right type of water filter is essential to improving irrigation efficiency.


Local knowledge is a key factor when trying to determine which type of water filter you need. Speak to your local irrigation expert, your neighbours and manufacturers to get reliable product advice. The team at Think Water will be able to help you with local know-how, expertise and product knowledge.


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