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If you want whiter and brighter teeth then, there are various kinds of teeth whitening products available such as teeth whitening toothpaste. There are tubes of toothpaste that will give you a brighter and more gleaming smile, as well as whitening strips, gels, and the professional methods that are only offered by Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me. There are two kinds of teeth whitening methods- 1. Teeth whitening at home

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening


  2. Teeth whitening at home involves:

Whitening toothpaste:

There is a vast variety of whitening tubes of toothpaste available on the market all containing chemical agents that polish the teeth whilst brushing and provide a stronger stain removal effect than standard toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste can help to remove stains from the surface of your teeth without causing any form of sensitivity as there are no bleaching agents contained whatsoever. These pastes can lighten your teeth but only by at least one shade and are not as effective as light-activated gels that are applied by Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me.

Over the counter whitening strips and gels:

If you select teeth whitening strips these can be purchased over the counter and are relatively cheap depending upon the selected brand. The strips have a thin peroxide gel that whitens the teeth when reacting with oxygen. You implement these strips for fourteen progressive days for about thirty minutes at a time. Outcomes are seen after a few days and can remain for up to four months. If you use strips like this it can become as costly as professional teeth whitening which gives longer-lasting results


A whitening gel is peroxide-based used by Dentist In The Heights Houston Tx you visit. Never hesitate to ask what compound he/she is using. You can also whiten your teeth at home by using this gel, apply it directly onto the teeth’ surface with a tiny brush for precise application. You should apply the gel twice a day for fourteen consecutive days. Also, avoid certain eating and drinking habits at this time as drinking red wine may affect teeth whitening at home. The same rules and results apply for this procedure as with the strips you will see results within a few days and lasts for up to four months.

Professional laser whitening:

Laser teeth whitening or zoom whitening is a procedure that offers quick, easy, and effective immediate results for brighter whiter teeth. A carbamide peroxide compound gel is implemented to the covering of the teeth. Once this is applied a laser light is placed over the mouth for a period of thirty minutes in ten minutes reps. After each ten-minute rep, the gel is removed and a fresh layer applied onto the teeth. The way this procedure works is the gel and light combined together help to break down the tough stains on the surface and eliminate them.

Laser whitening” should always be carried out by professionals from Teeth Whitening Houston Tx. After Teeth Whitening In Houston, some people feel sensitivity due to the enamel of the tooth becoming slightly porous. This is absolutely normal and in most cases is gone within 48 hours, most consultants will advise you to use sensitive toothpaste afterwards and not to brush your teeth for 24 hours after the treatment to help with relieving any sensitivity that can become apparent. The best factor of “zoom whitening” is that your teeth are instantly whiter within one hour and continue to become whiter for 48 hours after.

Having your teeth whitened either professionally from Sapphire Teeth Whitening or at home is not a permanent solution. In our day-to-day lives, you all eat and drink foods that cause your teeth to stain. Moreover, if it might be possible that you will have to visit a Dentist In The Heights of Houston for redoing the procedure.

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