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Most homes have air conditioners that are mainly used during the summer season to keep cool and comfortable. During the colder months, there’s a lot of humidity that collects on doors and windows which can be cleared by running an air conditioner. It also helps to dehumidify the air in the house.


However, running an air conditioner during the winter season can cause damage especially to those that contain condensing units that are not designed to be used in cold weather. The air conditioner temperature should be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit but below that, the compressors will be at risk of getting damaged.


It’s also advisable to test your air conditioner in warm weather especially if it’s a standard one. The reason being, the weight of summer oil used in this type of air conditioner is a heavier grade and works best during warm weather conditions. It can get too thick when it’s cold thus causing damages to the compressor.


The compressors work best when they are effectively lubricated with some oil which is a heavy grade. When an air conditioner is run during winter, the lubricating oil becomes thicker thus raising some air conditioner issues since the compressors can get a seizure.



During the cold seasons, the air conditions seem to run for long hours to keep the interior warm. This can result in overheating of the compressors which can call for repairs.


There’s also a risk of frozen cooling coils. This results from the condensation of water which forms ice and fails to allow heat to be produced hence the interior gets cold.  Damages may occur when running the air conditioner while it is frozen. To avoid incurring repair costs, it would be preferable to open the doors and the windows to allow fresh air in your house during the cold months.


The older air conditioner units are more prone to damage as compared to the modern ones which can perfectly serve you during winter without the risks of damages. They have sensors that prevent them from running in cold conditions.

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