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As a social media manager or content marketer, you might have experienced a social media creativity block. There are instances where you wonder what to share? When to share or even how to use the latest social media feature effectively.

Lack of this kind of creativity can ruin your marketing efforts. To stay competitive and ahead of your social media marketing game, it is important to learn how to overcome the creativity block by following the tips we are going to share in this article.

Tips to Overcome Social Media Creativity Block

The following are expert tips and tricks to effectively create content for your social media without losing track. These tips are tested and verified to work.

1. Plan Ahead

It has been observed that those people who plan their social media content ahead do not run out of content. As a marketer, make sure that you have a plan for your content creation.

Planning ahead helps you to have time to think of fresh ideas instead of rushing at the last minute.

2. Share Content Across Different Platforms

Your social media should always have fresh content at all times. The best thing to do is to reshare content from your other platforms. If for example, you have a new blog post, you can share it across your social media platforms.

Make sure that when you create a certain type of content, whether it’s a podcast, YouTube video or a blog post, cross share it on your social platforms.


3. Turn Blog Posts to Video

In content marketing, visual content tends to work well on social media platforms. Therefore, when you experience a creativity block, you can turn your old blog post into a video and share it on social media. This will give your content a fresh start which can boost your business.

4. Consider Going Live

Live videos tend to have a lot of engagement and reach. As a marketer, make sure that you go live from time to time on your social media platforms. This will boost your credibility and help you to stay competitive in your business.

The above tips will enable you to stay ahead of your content creation game. Content is also good for SEO and brand awareness.

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