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A dental filling is a procedure used to treat dental conditions such as tooth decay and cavities. It is claimed to the one of the fastest dental procedure though it can sometimes become uncomfortable without anaesthesia. The best thing to do is to learn and understand what to expect so that you can plan ahead and feel less anxious.



This is the first step that your dentist will take when applying dental fillings. There is the use of a needle to administer local anaesthesia. The injection is applied to the gums inside your mouth or on the cheeks. Your dentist may choose to inject several areas around the infected area for proper numbing.  The most used anaesthesia is lidocaine

Wait for Numbing

You will be required to wait for a little for the numbing to take effect around the teeth. This can take several minutes. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are completely numb before the procedure begins.


Your dentist will drill the cavities or decayed areas to remove damaged parts of the tooth. This will help prevent further tooth decay once the fillings have been applied.


The next step is to clean the areas using gel. This kills germs and prevents infections.

Application of Tooth Fillings

Once the area is ready and prepared, the next thing to do is to apply the fillings material to the decayed area.
Applying of Adhesive
When the dental fillings are applied, the next step will be to apply the adhesive or composite materials on top of the fillings. These are used to protect the tooth and seal it.


To achieve a strong bond, a bonding light is used. The dentist can use the light for some seconds to harden the dental filling materials.


After the material is hardened, the dentist will use a drill to smoothen the rough edges and give your tooth a smooth polish.
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