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The origin of the cell phone is said to have been around 1973 when the mass consumer electronics company Motorola launched the first portable cell phone, which is market under the name Motorola DynaTac 8000X.

Currently, the number of cell phone models entering the market is practically priceless. Their sales generate hundreds of billions of dollars a year, making them the most used electronic device in the world.

The invention of the Mobile Phone

The phone operates on the same basic principles that Bell introduced over 100 years ago. If you want to make a call, pick up the handset. It connects the phone to the routing network. When you press a number on the touch-tone keypad, the signal is sent over the telephone line to the routing station. A particular number combination sends an alert to another phone and rings. When the phone goes off-hook, a connection is started between the two phones.


The mouthpiece acts as a microphone. Sound waves from the user’s voice vibrate the thin plastic disc inside the phone. This will change the distance between the plastic disc and another metal disc. As a result, the strength of the electric field between the two disks changes, and the changing current is sent to the telephone line.

History of Mobile Phones

The History Of Mobile Phones, includes the sequence of developments, technological innovations, and scientific discoveries that have allowed mobile phones. It also includes their evolution over time to become the multifaceted tools that they handle.

The cell phone is an independent telecommunication device. It allows you to perform various operations such as calls, text messages, and, more recently, access to the Internet and different digital applications. It is an indispensable device in today’s world, whose history shows the great technological changes that societies have been going through since the end of the 20th century.

It was designed to transform electrical impulses in the human voice. Throughout almost 100 years of history, the telephone evolved a lot to become the devices that have (although less and less) in your homes.

Advantage of Mobile Phone

Their arrival, acceptance, and proliferation have democratized the opportunities and possibilities of millions of people. Rural, inland, and underserved areas are now interconnected to urban areas due to cellular communication technologies. Below are few of advantage Of Mobile Phone:

  • Easy communication: the mobile allows communication quickly and easily.
  • SMS message: allows the possibility to write a message to another person and thus communicate.
  • Applications:mobiles have many applications for entertainment, communication, information such as calculator, calendar, music player, etc.
  • Crowd rates:today, there are so many different mobile phone companies that the user can choose the rate that best suits their needs at competitive prices.
  • Emergency call:all mobiles allow emergency calls regardless of mobile balance and coverage anywhere. 

Who Invented the Mobile?

In the 1970s, television viewers around the world we’re familiar with the concept of portable two-way communication devices, as seen in the hands of Captain Kirk and Spock of the Star Trek series, which began in the late 1960s.

These base stations send and receive messages over wireless frequencies from mobile phones. There was no risk of interference because the two adjacent cells operate at different frequencies.

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