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There is a fundamental reason: to take care of the vehicle’s engine. Performance, as well as mechanical durability, largely depends on the quality of the fuel, as it could contain impurities that could damage the vehicle. In addition, there is also lower consumption and emissions when the energy is adequate and is optimized to fulfill its function.

By choosing a good fuel, it is easy to maintain the cleanliness of different vehicle components, such as the injection system or various parts of the engine itself.

The diesel engine is a heat engine of internal combustion alternative operating principle of which is the self-ignition of fuel due to high temperatures resulting from high compression ratio that has, in accordance to the regulation of the cycle of diesel. The performance of the engine can be checked at duramax diesel performance shops. Diesel / gas-oil or heavy oils derived from petroleum as fuel, as well as vegetable oils such as sunflower oil engines, are commonly used. It is also very efficient in thermodynamic terms; the best and most developed ones reach a value of between 55% and 65% of thermal efficiency, a very high value concerning almost all combustion engines; it is one of the most used engines since its creation in various applications.


Many critical voices have emerged against the diesel engine. It is considered guilty of the increase of particles and pollutants by nitrogen oxides in cities. The cold air intake systems help to keep the engine cool. To this is added that the advantage of cheaper fuel is no longer such, as gasoline and diesel prices equalize (although diesel engines consume less fuel at the same displacement because they work with excess air compared to a gasoline engine).

Diesel engine performance

Modern diesel engines are economical and powerful. Contrary to many old theories, they are eco-friendly and quiet. 6.0 Powerstroke Turbo Upgrade is also recommended. Vehicles equipped with diesel engines are optimal for peaceful trips through the countryside. They are comfortable for large groups for families, and they will not let you down under conditions of constant use. The diesel performance products greatly help in increasing the performance of diesel engines.

Diesel engine repair is costly. But if you follow the recommendations indicated above, this need arises very rarely. The Ford Powerstroke Parts are recommended by some of the experts.



Intake is the first of four strokes for an internal combustion engine. At the beginning of the intake phase, the intake valve opens, and the piston begins to descend, causing a pressure drop in the cylinder, which in turn generates fresh air to enter from the outside in the case of a diesel engine, or an explosive mixture of air and fuel in the case of an Otto Cycle engine commonly called a gasoline engine. The Ram Air Intake Systems is one of the options available in the market. When the piston has completed its downward stroke, and the cylinder has been filled with air or explosive mixture, the intake valve closes, and the compression stroke begins. Thus the air intake system has its importance in a diesel engine.

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