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How many times has it happened that you have been shopping online only to come across deals and discounts that look too good to be true? Ever since people have started shopping online and processing payments over the Internet, the scam ratio has drastically increased. It is important that you become familiar with the warning signs so that you can protect your money and inform the authorities at FCA before it is too late so that you can be facilitated.

We at BridgerPay act as a facilitator and provide a payment processing platform to buyers and sellers globally. We aim to reduce FCA scam cases, save failed transactions, and speed up the payment process.

1.   Check the reviews

Believe it or not, authentic reviews are an actual lifesaver. When you visit new websites for purchasing goods and services, the reviews will always guide and give warning to you whether a product is worth investing in or not. Let’s suppose that you’re reading the review for a product you love, and it has amazing reviews and ratings. However, you are immediately disappointed as the transaction costs are much higher, and that’s when BridgerPay comes to the rescue. BridgerPay will help you reduce cross-border costs and also aid you with the payment decline issues making sure that your payment processing is completed without worry.

2.   Advance payments to win a gift

Let’s assume that you received a text message informing you that you have won 1 million dollars. Before you get all excited, you receive a second message that tells you to pay some amount to withdraw the prize money. It’s time that you act wisely, take that message as a warning for a scam, and do not be the one that facilitates the fraud with payment processing. Immediately report the messages to FCA so that they can take timely action.

3.   Wire Transfer Requests

Being aware of a scam is one thing. But what if a wire transfer request comes in that too from a close friend or relative? You might wire them money, but what if they’re scammers and you lose everything? Also, if they are demanding immediate payment due to an emergency, it could be a warning sign. Whenever processing payments like these, always counter-check and confirm the person from whom you received the message or email. If it is a fraud, then immediately reach out to FCA that will act as a facilitator and guide you on what to do in such situations.

4.   Donations and Charities

Another very common scam these days is that scammers target kind-hearted and charitable people for donations and charities and run off with the money. If you are one of those people who prefer making donations online, then you need to be careful about a few things. Remember that if a charity does not have an authentic website, then it is an open warning and should be reported immediately to FCA. It is recommended that before processing payments related to the donation, you should contact the charity facilitator to ensure that they are authentic. This way, you will be at peace that your money is going to the right people.

5.   Unsecured sites

Shopping online or making payments to unsecured sites is a huge no. As soon as you access an unencrypted website, you are exposed to all kinds of attacks, hackers, and scams. Now how will you check whether a website is secure or not? When visiting a website,make sure you spot the picture of a lock to know that it is secured. If you do not see a lock,it is an indirect warning that you should not proceed and immediately inform FCA.  However, the good news is that with the help of BridgerPay, you will be able to connect with all the reliable, authentic, and trusted platforms that you frequently need to make payments to. BridgerPay will help you as a facilitator in improving customer experience and managing all payments from a single application.

We at BridgerPay work towards the goal of making payments easy for everyone, whether it is a merchant or a customer. We save failed transactions, deal with cart abandonment, and work towards improving the overall customer experience with the help of our amazing tech resources.

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