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Thermal weed control is one of the environmentally friendly methods that are increasingly popular with gardeners to remedy the rapid development of weeds, regardless of the weather. Are you wondering about its efficiency? Let us take a closer look.

A thermal weed burner, how does it work?

The principle is quite simple since by approaching a source of extreme heat, for 1 to 2 seconds, above the plants to be eliminated, a thermal shock will occur. Without burns on the grasses, it is the cells of the plants that will be reached and destroyed by this “heat stroke”. Therefore, the plant will dry out in place in the days that follow, including its root.

For the most rebellious such as quackgrass, the operation will have to be repeated after ten days. It will also be necessary to insist on creeping plants such as ground ivy or plants with taproots such as dandelions.

Which thermal weed burner to choose, how much does it cost?

Facing the radius of your gardening store, you will wonder about the model to choose! Indeed, there are gas models and electric models.

Electric models propelling hot air at 600 ° C are an effective alternative, provided that the garden is not too far from a power outlet.

If you wonder about everyone’s pollution, the gas will release CO2, but the electric one will run a nuclear power station, so it’s up to you to choose between plague and cholera!

The length of the handle must allow the machine to be used without being bent, which avoids back pain, so it alleviates the chore of weeding!

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Is thermal weed burner effective?

Faced with pesticides, there is no hesitation to choose the thermal Weed Burner because it does not pollute the environment and has no repercussions on our health and environment. The most relevant proof can be found in organic market gardeners who use it professionally! In addition, it can be used whatever the weather: rain, wind, shine, whatever, its effectiveness remains the same, which is not the case at all with pesticides. However, areas prone to fires in summer may limit their use: inquire.

The more you use it on young weeds, the more effective it will be. Note that the thermal weed burner is more suitable for walkways, paved terraces or borders, than a vegetable garden or flower beds: in fact, its action cannot be limited to the weed which is 3 cm from a tomato stalk; if you use it in this configuration, you risk abandoning any project to have tomatoes because the diffusion zone is not very precise.

The conditions of use of the thermal weed burner

In autumn, as in early spring, Thermal Weed Burner Australia is allowed. If you want to get a better result, you have to do it in early spring. This even allows you to do a job efficiently and with little energy expenditure. Weeding in the fall easily removes or destroys the weeds of infected grasses.

Compared to chemical fertilizers, such as pesticides, thermal weed burner is natural and effective. You will ensure the daily maintenance of your garden without spending too much energy.

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