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BridgerPay is a Payment Orchestration Platform that manages your payments so you can focus on your core business operations.

If you have heard about it a lot and wonder whether it’s a legit platform or a scam, we’ll keep you company until you find the answer.

Let’s review BridgerPay without further ado.

What is BridgerPay exactly?

BridgerPay is a legitimate payment processing platform that facilitates businesses or individuals with complete payment processing solutions.

Is BridgerPay a scam or legit?

BridgerPay is a legit payment orchestration platform. It manages your payment processing so you can focus on other important facets of your business.

BridgerPay is supporting the fintech industry. BridgerPay ensures that it doesn’t work with any service that has received a warning from FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

How Does It Benefit You?

BridgerPay helps you on multiple fronts. It’s a complete payment processing platform for e-commerce businesses, SAAS companies, travel-related businesses, gaming businesses, marketplaces, etc.

BridgerPay is a legit company and ensures that it doesn’t facilitate any scam or counterfeit company through its payment orchestration platform—completely complying with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).


Small or medium e-commerce businesses face new challenges like transaction failures, payment integrations, payment processing speed, and more. All these challenges make it extremely hard for these businesses to scale and grow.

BridgerPay facilitates e-commerce businesses from anywhere globally to scale their businesses effortlessly—without coming across the complexity of integrating with payment providers, local entities, banks, FX, and compliance vendors.


BridgerPay gives a one-window solution to travel businesses, enabling them to allow customers to book and pay effortlessly. Travel businesses can integrate with all of the payment providers to provide a seamless customer experience.


Saas or subscription-based services face issues with recurring payments. BridgerPay helps such businesses make payment processing a seamless experience for their customers. It gives you access to plenty of valuable insights and data for adding more sophistication to your services.


BridgerPay enables marketplaces to accept payments globally with local e-wallets and banks, which reduces cart abandonment rates significantly.

With Bridger Checkout, marketplaces can provide an intuitive checkout payment UI to their customers.


BridgerPay gives you access to over 900 payment types globally. It helps gaming businesses offer OCT/CFT payouts, refunds, partial refunds, and more.

Features of BridgerPay

  • Payment processor for any business

Whether you operate a small business, subscription-based service, or marketplace, BridgerPay serves all of them. It’s a complete Payment Orchestration Platform to optimize your online payments.

  • Fit everywhere

BridgerPay integrates once and keeps serving your business. It embeds its PCI DSS level 1 cashier into your website. Whether you’re using WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, or any other platform, BridgerPay can integrate with your website effortlessly.

  • Customizable checkout form

You can customize the checkout form to match it with your website’s overall feel and design. BridgerPay lets you choose fonts and colors of your choice.

  • Ready-made Payment Provider integrations

Businesses face complexity when integrating payment providers with their websites. BridgerPay eliminates this complexity through its ready-made integrations. You can integrate with any payment provider from BridgerPay’s wide collection effortlessly.

  • One-stop control 

Ideally, you’d want to manage all your vendors and systems within the same environment. BridgerPay’s Dashboard gives you complete control to improve your financial efficiency by getting a 360-degree view of your payments.

  • Custom transaction routes

To avoid declined transactions, create custom transaction routes that work the best for you. BridgerPay allows you to create custom transaction routes and route your transactions to the most efficient processor depending on the sender’s location and receiver’s location. You can create custom transaction routes using the drag and drop functionality built within BridgerPay’s environment.

With over 100 combinations of filters, you get complete control over the payment success rate.

  • Failed payments retry

BridgerPay works better than any other payment processor for failed payments retries. You can add multiple providers, allowing BridgerPay to get your payments approved with multiple tries. It significantly reduces the cart abandonment rate by decreasing the frequency of declined payments.

  • Real-time transaction board

BridgerPay has a real-time board where you can streamline all your transactions, regardless of the provider, currency, and country.

  • Comprehensive reports

There’s nothing better than comprehensive reports to understand your payments better. With automated, comprehensive reports, you can gain invaluable insights.

  • BridgerPay’s Security 

BridgerPay has an utterly secure platform because it understands the importance of data security. Its PCI DSS-compliant solutions ensure users are getting high-end security and protection from any scam.

  • BridgerPay’s Integration

BridgerPay lets you integrate its platform with your website in a few clicks. You can either embed its solution into your site or fully integrate it with its REST API.

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BridgerPay is a legit payment orchestration platform that facilitates online businesses with payment processing solutions. Find out more about it.

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