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Running an online business is a painstaking process especially for beginners. As a small business owner, running ads is the best bet that you have to grow your business. Therefore, you need to understand the process to do it correctly.

If you have a budget, you can opt for Google advertising which can give your business a good head start. This article will discuss the steps to set up Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Is an Effective Marketing Strategy

The best thing about Google AdWords is that we did it right, it can bring the desired results to a business. Most small businesses use Google AdWords to acquire their first online customers. The following are the steps to set up Google AdWords.

Step 1 – Sign Up

You need to sign up for Google AdWords if you have not already done so. The signup process is straightforward and there is not much process involved as long as you have a Gmail account. Once you have entered the correct details, you will be tied to a page to create your first campaign.

Step 2 – Setting your Budget

The first thing to do is to set a budget. This will be a daily budget. Setting a budget is important because it will help the Google ads to stay within the spending limit per day. When starting, it is important to work with an average amount. This way, you will be able to figure out the number of visitors your landing page can convert to buying customers.


Step 3 – Set your target Audience

You need to define your target audience by specifying their geographical location. To make this easy you need to have first done your market research.

Step 4 – Set your Network

Define whether you want your ads to be Google Search Network or Display Network. Search Network puts your ads on top of Google SERPs. Display Network shows your ads on any website that shows ads.

Step 5 – Choose your Keywords

Depending on your market research, use the relevant keywords that you want to target.

Step 6 – Set your Bid

Google AdWords uses a bidding system where you choose the amount you wish to spend. When this will also depend on your competitors to stand out, you need to bid a higher amount compared to what your competitors are bidding.

The last step is to create the details of your ad. If you find it difficult setting up Google AdWords, don’t despair, contact Anchor Digital today for professional help. Anchor Digital are professional digital marketing experts.

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