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In a warehouse, efficiency is very important to ensure operations go on hitch free. One way to ensure efficiency is by proper layout of the Warehouse Storage Shelves system. This involve calculating the width and length of the aisle and cross aisle and ensuring that are good enough to allow handlers and pickers to go across without making too many unnecessary stops.

When it comes to Warehouse Bulk Storage and racking, there are different types of layout systems that will help ensure that operations are done swiftly and correctly. The main layout options that will be looked at include the order picking layout and the layout unit load.

The order picker layout

This type of layout commonly includes a number of picker aisles and cross aisles. For this layout to be useful, it has to include operations where the picker is expected to make three or more stops. If the picker has to make at most two stops, then the unit layout discussed next is preferable.


The order picker layout for the option of Bulk Storage Warehouse can be designed to include many picker aisles. This allows multiple pickers to operate at the same time. They also include cross aisles placed one at the front and the other at the back. This helps allow for a picker to move from one aisle to another during operations. Although most rack layouts include two aisles, they are not necessarily the best. To increase the efficiency operations, it is possible to get a layout with more aisles. It is very possible to get more cross aisle in apart from the one at the front and the back. If this has to be done, there may be need to increase warehouse area occupied by the racks as the number of racks will still be expected to remain the same.

Layout unit loader

Most warehouse operations will require picking at one point and dropping off at another. In fact, this picking and dropping off that occurred in warehouses is what gave many the impression that warehouse layout was very simple. If you want to make your warehouse layout simple yet efficient, you can go with the option of Warehouse Shelving Systems. At best, there were aisle arranged in straight lines and crosslines meeting these at parallel. However, this perpendicular layout can be modified to other ones like the flying V and the fishbone layout.

The flying V layout has a V shaped cross aisle as opposed to the usual perpendicular cross aisle. It allows for greater efficiency in pickup and drop off by at least 10%. Its main disadvantage is the fact that the pickers have to make very sharp turns. If you are planning about Warehouse Shelving then you can plan to purchase from online too.

The fishbone aisle was created to solve the issue with the flying V with its sharp turn. In this layout type, any end of the aisle can be arrived at using a straight line. This is also helps to reduce travelling times.

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