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We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year on March 17th. This age-long Irish tradition celebrates the memory of St. Patrick, one of the Patron Saints of Ireland.
Millions come to celebrate this day donned in green garbs. The day is filled with parades, good luck charms, traditional Irish food.
This day, the tables are served with rich and classic Irish delicacies that involve the infamous corned beef and cabbage, pint or two of Guinness, and much more.

But did you know? These mouth-watering meals arent just fun but are packed with nutrition.

In this article, we will talk about some well-known St. Patrick’s Day meals and their healthy side.

  • Corned beef and cabbage serve as the centerpiece delight for St. Patrick’s Day. This item is high in mineral iron and helps make up red blood cells. It provides the required amount of Vitamin A for the antioxidant benefit.

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    Cabbage is a disease-fighter as it provides Vitamin C and folic acid. High in antioxidants, this cruciferous vegetable reduces inflammation. Beef benefits us with B-vitamins, thiamin, and protein. It has high amounts of fat, so controlled intake is recommended.
    A bowl of this dish helps make collagen for the skin, cartilage, ligaments, and blood vessels.

  • Irish Soda Bread is 100% natural. It is made of whole wheat flour, thus healthier and heartier. It contains fiber and phytonutrients and other vitamins and minerals for immunity support.
    The bread is low in saturated fat and reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases. It is free of processed sugar and low in cholesterol making it healthy for weight management.
    It’s not just a generic sugary dessert. Freshly made Irish soda bread has potential health benefits. So, a few slices are fine for the Irish holiday celebration.
  • Colcannon or traditional Irish mashed potato is comfort food. It’s a buttery blend of four health-packed items – potatoes, cabbage, kale, and bacon(optional). A bowl of all the nutrients in one place.
    Kale and Cabbage are superfoods with zero cholesterol. It has fiber to improve digestion and detoxify the body. Potatoes serve the starch requirements of the body. Protein is gained in abundance from bacon and cream.
    The food is wholesome, hearty, and mouthwatering enough to lift the spirits on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Guinness is known around the globe and very popular during the St. Patrick’s season. No St. Patrick’s Day is ever complete without pints of Guinness.  It is more than just a beer.
    Filled with antioxidant compounds, this slows down cholesterol build-up in the arteries. It is rich in iron content and promotes bone density given the presence of phytoestrogen.
    Guinness is low in calories and rich in flavonoids to fight cell damage. It is the answer to weak and tired muscles for its iron content. Keeping in mind the barley in it, it also boosts immunity.

Our health is our responsibility. Nothing in excess is good. Holidays are all about food and going out of the line. Be mindful of food and drinks to stay safe. 

So, the next year on St. Patrick’s Day stay fit, healthy and raise your glass of Guinness to sláinte!


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