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Apart from replacing bad windscreens, there is another thing you can put in place to reduce the risk of having accidents. A fog light is an automotive light that enables a driver to see what is ahead of the vehicle. You can find it below the headlight.

Fog lights are made to display wide beams when in use. To prevent fog lights from reflecting, there is a small cutoff on top. They are attached low. Some fog lights are only 12 inches above the ground. Rear fog lights show lights in red color. It’s similar to that of a brake light. Fog lights are positioned between the bumper cover.

When should you use fog lights?

As you can use fog lights alone, you can also combine them with other lights. Combining fog lights should only be done when there is low light. Since they are made to have a small range, you should use them as your main light. Even though fog lights can identify road markings, you shouldn’t be too dependent on them. They can’t be used to see the fog. Even though there are no rules on when to use fog lights, you should activate them in conditions such as:


Just like clouds, fog is formed. With the use of fog lights, you will find it easy to pass through foggy areas. Since fog lights are placed close to the ground, they hit the ground.

Dust storms

In some places, dust storms occur frequently. Even though it is not advisable to drive in such places, you have to drive to where you can park safely and wait. Fog lights are useful during dust storms, as they make it easy for you to see the road and the cars ahead of you. Before driving, just ensure that your windscreen is in good condition. If it is not, you should contact Novus Auto Glass, where they can help repair your damaged windscreen.

When do you not need to use fog lights?

Once the fog has been cleared, you can turn off your car’s fog lights. To help you be better prepared, you should keep updated with weather predictions. Even though fog forms early in the morning, it doesn’t take long to melt. Whenever you start a new day, check if there is fog on the road. If there is no fog, you should turn off your fog lights.

If you’re planning to use headlights, you should check your fog lights well and ensure that they are turned off. You also have to avoid using fog lights whenever it is wet. When fog lights meet a wet surface, their brightness will increase significantly.

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