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The opportunity to travel the world and the temptation of adventure on the high seas attracts many young people seeking a career on a merchant ship, in addition to their high-paying potential. The Merchant Ship Navy differs from the Navy in that it provides commercial services, unlike the Navy, which is primarily dedicated to national defense.

Merchant ships are the backbone of international trade and transport cargo around the world. Merchant ships employ a large number of workers to transport and deliver goods from one country to another. The Merchant Navy Institute will help you to have good position in Merchant Navy. Without merchant ships, you would shut down many of the import and export businesses altogether!

A career on a merchant ship is seen as an attractive job, especially for those who travel worms that have bitten. It offers the opportunity to visit new and exotic places around the world. A career on a merchant ship is not only financially rewarding but also satisfying and very rewarding.

Eligibility criteria

  • Eligibility to participate in a merchant ship is to complete class 12 in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • Candidates must be single Indian citizens (male or female).
  • Normal eyesight is required, but you can use glasses up to plus or minus 2.5.
  • Admission is from the entrance, followed by screening tests and major written exams.
  • After passing the exam, you will have an interview and a medical test.

You must also complete the Merchant Navy Training course before you get a job. Courses are generally short, and candidates are taught basic travel safety concerns.

Several private institutions also provide training for merchant ships. These laboratories prepare students for deck cadets and marine engineering jobs.

Merchant ship entrance exam

After completing the 12th class, interested candidates can take the Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Examination (IMU CET) or the All-Indian Merchant Shipping Entrance Examination. After clearing the exam you will get chance in Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India for future studyThis exam usually takes place in May. Other exams that also act as a gateway for marine engineering are the JEE, MERI entrance exams, and TIMSAT.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The G.P. classification course is 10th.

For Deck Cadets and Motor Cadets: 10 + 2, 60% PCM.

You can apply for the exam online. Applicants must provide a short 100-word summary with the application form stating why they are applying to the merchant ship.

The Merchant Navy Institute In India is located in a strategic location within the country and aims to provide training to applicants who wish to join this non-combat commercial force.

There are many Merchant Navy Colleges In India which will help you to choose the best for merchant training.

Responsibilities on the boat:

As an officer, you will work on the deck or in the engineering department. The exact duties depend on the rank. Some responsibilities include:

  • Supervision and maintenance of safety on the ship;
  • Checking of meteorological and navigation reports;
  • Supervise the operation and take appropriate actions, if necessary;
  • Coordinate the safe loading, storage, and unloading of cargo;
  • Maintain legal and operational records;
  • Use a variety of satellite and radar systems to navigate the boat.

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