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To be applied behind the bed or on a niche, the wallpapers are very popular in children’s rooms. Abstract, floral, or cartoon patterns, designed to draw a magical world around the little ones

More and more in vogue in interior decoration, wallpaper also conquers the children’s room. A special environment, a world apart from the rest of the house, full of games and accessories, which require a decor sewn around the small tenants, experimenting with fantasies and patterns.

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How to choose the right wallpaper From MyCuteStickons Website

Creating the right atmosphere for those who will live in the room is the starting point in choosing the right wallpaper, without worrying too much about the style of the other spaces.

The best thing to do to customize the children’s bedroom is to study the decoration of the envelope (the walls) together with the furniture, to obtain a harmonious composition.

If the floor coverings are already present but there is no furniture yet and the walls are white, you can freely choose how to embellish them.

Instead, for those who want to intervene only on the walls but have already positioned the furnishings or painted the walls in bright colors, it is good to start from the style of the latter: a traditional or modern, Nordic or folk mood and the dominant color of the painting, will guide the choice of the most suitable wallpaper motif and will affect the portion of the wall to be covered.

And then focus on the theme you want to develop. Instagram is useful to support in this phase: creating a bulletin list in which to collect palettes, patterns, and bedrooms that reflect our taste, helps a lot to compose a personal mood board.

Furthermore, the websites of the wallpaper manufacturers simplify the search by dividing the proposals by topic and, at times, allow you to enter the size of the wall were to simulate the final result. A pretty good test to avoid second thoughts.

Which pattern?

The choice of decoration is very subjective and largely depends on the age of the child, his passions, and the final effect to be obtained.

There are wallpapers for all tastes: stylized and floral patterns, trompe l’oeil, and cartoon effects. Abstract shapes are highly recommended: they do not bind to a specific concept or theme but give character and color to the room without binding them over time and the growth of the child.

Where to apply wallpaper in the children’s room

Better not to apply it on all the walls because it could weigh down space, but only one, the one behind the bed or in a nicheAn original idea is to divide the walls in two, paint the lower part (which is the one that will be covered most by the furniture) and apply wallpaper on the upper part of only one wall, the main one.

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