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There are a lot of courses to cover in dentistry. They include oral anatomy, pathology, and the likes. When dental students are in their last year of study, they take clinical practicums. To understand more about the curricula of dentistry, you should familiarise yourself with the following.

How to become a dentist

Unlike any local business or profession, it is not easy to become a dentist. You have to obtain a bachelor’s degree and score highly in your Dental Admissions Test (DAT). After studying for about four years, you will become a doctor of dental surgery. It is also referred to as a doctor of dental medicine.

To start practicing dental medicine, you have to obtain a license. The state board of dentistry is in charge of issuing out licenses to professional dentists. Unlike some courses or a local business, you can’t study dentistry online. It involves a lot of practice. At times, you might even have to visit a dentist clinic such as Admire Dentistry.

How to obtain a bachelor’s degree in dentistry

The majority of the students that apply for dentistry have previously completed a degree in another course. Some students have previously spent about 2 years at UNI.

When undergraduate students have studied biology or other courses related to dentistry, it increases their chance of getting admitted. Some schools even go as far as organizing pre-dental programs. When you apply for a pre-dental program, you won’t get a degree in dentistry. However, you will have the full requirements to study a dentistry degree.

How long is a degree in dentistry?

Since there is a lot of competition, getting admitted to study dentistry isn’t easy. Apart from evaluating the performance of students in undergraduate courses, Dental Admissions Tests are used to grade students. Some people even take the test before completing college.

After getting admitted to study dentistry, you have to study for four years. That is when you become a doctor of dental surgery. In your first two years as a dental student, you will be taught everything you need to know about dental science. While studying dentistry, you are going to visit a dentist clinic a lot of times. One of the best dentist clinics in Australia is Admire Dentistry.

Accelerated programs

In some schools, you can study dentistry in seven years. You might even take less than seven years. When you just get admitted to such schools, you will be taught pre-dental topics. Even though the bulk load is much, you have to get a good DAT score to continue with the program.

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