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Muay Thai is a very ancient martial arts style, dating back to the 15th century in Thailand. Although Muay Thai Boxing in past centuries was often brutal, today Muay Thai has a referee who keeps track of points and fighters wear protective gear to minimize the damage they do to each other. However, Muay Thai is a fast-paced and potentially dangerous sport, so properly learning the necessary forms and techniques is vital for anyone considering participating in a short match.

First of all, they would like to welcome you on a Muay Thai Workouts. It is an incredible sport, which tests your physical and mental fitness. The early stages are the most exciting time, as you will face difficulties along the way, but you will still notice significant improvements. Being a beginner can be very overwhelming, so they put together a list of the best tips to help you along the way.

    • Run forest run

Straight up running is a very effective exercise to improve your overall performance. It gives you strength and power, increases your stamina, and is a great way to get fit. Although requirements vary from gym to gym and trainer to trainer, most gyms ask you running for 3-6 miles every morning. You can get training of this sport in Muay Thai Queensland.

    • Invest in muay Thai gloves

You can usually rent gloves at the gym, but it’s certainly very sweaty and quite smelly! If you are serious about Muay Thai, it is highly recommended to invest in decent gloves.

    • Wrap your hands

Always wrap your hands! Wrist injuries are very common in Muay Thai, but proper wrist support can help prevent them. If you don’t hit it properly, you may be damaged. Protection first!

    • Focus on the form

Do not run before walking. Focus on technique and movement before increasing speed and impact.

    • Hydrate

Remember to maintain proper fluid intake, as dehydration requires water to function, and dehydration can have catastrophic effects.

    • Rest

Don’t overdo it as your body doesn’t thank you! Overtraining can lead to serious and ongoing injuries. Recovery is an important part of Muay Thai training in particular.

    • Jumping rope to improve cardio in muay Thai

Jumping rope is a classic performed as a warm-up exercise in Muay Thai for a good reason. Its main objective is to help increase the heart rate and blood flow, preparing the body for the next Boxing Fitness Class.

Jumping is a total body workout that comes with many other benefits. Trains fast-changing muscle fibres, improves coordination and footwork, and strengthens shoulder muscles.

While the morning is full of races before training, the afternoon is less hectic. This places a great emphasis on cardio and not limited to running.

The afternoon training session usually begins with a 30-minute jumping session. Thais use a specific jump rope that is more like a plastic tube, but you don’t need to have one to practice it

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