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If you live in Adelaide you may have considered installing a water sprinkler system for your lawn? A quick drive around the suburbs of Adelaide reveals beautiful lush and well manicured gardens. On closer inspection, it is clear that Adelaide home owners have embraced automated garden sprinklers and lawn sprinklers, ensuring a well managed irrigation system for their home.

Have you ever considered installing sprinkler irrigation for your Adelaide home?

If you have, then you have most likely pondered about the steps involved and the equipment you need to set up a water sprinkler irrigation system in your garden. Some equipment is quite obvious such as sprinklers, sprinkler heads and piping to deliver the water. Other aspects are more involved, especially when it comes to ensuring you have enough water pressure to irrigate your garden effectively. Read more water sprinkler Coolalinga.

Hence the question: Do I need a pump for my sprinkler system?

Almost always, the answer is yes. Many DIY enthusiasts have attempted to install lawn sprinklers in their garden without giving proper consideration to the flow and water pressure from the water source. In Adelaide the water source is usually from mains water. While the water pressure in Adelaide is quite acceptable, it falls short when it comes to powering multiple sprinkler heads, especially if they are some distance from the water source. Too often DIYers put all the effort into digging up their lawn to install pop up sprinklers and pipes to them, only to be disappointed and frustrated when they turn on the tap and discover the water is merely trickling or running out of the sprinkler heads. This is where the need for a water pump comes into play and is essential for solving the problem.

So what type of pump do you need for your sprinkler system?

In addressing this question it is first necessary to consider the scope of your irrigation project and calculations are involved in working out the size or capacity of the water pump needed. In calculating you will need to consider the number of sprinkler heads you need and their PSI requirements, the rise in elevation, the distance the water pump needs to pump water, the power source for the water pump and the location of your water pump. Ideally the water pump should be installed as close to the water source as possible. Read more lawn sprinkler Adelaide.

The type of water pump you select for your sprinkler system strongly revolves around the water source and its location. There are three main types of water pumps to choose from: submersible sprinkler pumps, centrifugal water sprinkler pumps and booster water sprinkler pumps. Where there is an existing water supply with good pressure, such as in Adelaide, a booster water pump will most likely be a good choice and can double as a primary water pump. It may also be wise to consider a self priming water pump to make the irrigation process more efficient. Read more about garden sprinkler Perth.

Cleary, choosing the right water pump for a sprinkler system requires some planning and careful calculations. This is where an irrigation specialist will be of great assistance to you. Regardless of whether you plan to do the irrigation installation yourself or have your water pump installation and irrigation installed by a professional, an expert in water pumps and irrigation will be able to help you plan and design the best pumping solution for you, They will be able to help you plan which water pump you need, supply it for you and arrange water pump installation. To help them in the process it is a great idea to take a photo and some measurements with you. The team at Think Water in Adelaide will be happy to help you work out which water pump you need for your sprinkler system and provide you with any other assistance you need.

They can be found on Muller Rd, Hampstead Gardens in Adelaide.


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