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Omaha Rd, is located just outside of Hastings in the beautiful Hawkes Bay Region on the North Island of New Zealand. The area is well known as a food production area, with stone fruits, kiwi fruits and vegetables some of its key crops. The farming area utilises various irrigation systems to increase yield and efficiency. Pivotal in the delivery of these irrigation solutions are water pumps which require ongoing servicing and maintenance to ensure optimum performance Lawn Sprinkler Hawkes Bay – Omahu Rd .

Think Water Hawkes Bay - Hastings

So why is pump servicing at Hawkes Bay – Omaha Road so desirable? Part of the answer lies in its location. The Think Water store on Omahu Road, Hastings is within close proximity to many of the farms in the region. Farmers can bring their various types of water pumps into the store for servicing without having to go into the heart of Hastings. It doesn’t matter what type of pump they have; electric water pumps, deep well pumps, bore pumps, transfer pumps, solar pumps or even their fire fighting pumps – all are able to be professionally serviced at the Omaha Rd location in Hawkes Bay.

Of course location isn’t everything and while the Omaha Rd location is convenient, what customers really want is water pump servicing they can trust. The team at Think Water Omaha Rd are highly qualified service technicians who have the knowledge, training and experience to troubleshoot any water pump problem and offer ongoing maintenance and service to keep your water pump and irrigation system running smoothly Water Sprinkler Hawkes Bay – Omahu Rd .

The key to this high level of water pump service is the store supplies and installs all the leading brands of water pumps. As they most likely will have designed your irrigation system or something similar, they know what to look for when troubleshooting any irrigation system issues. They will be able to work through the problem and identify where the problem lies: in the water supply, the power source, the water pump, the delivery method, sprinkler heads or drip systems. They are very successful at accurately diagnosing any problem you are having as they are experts in irrigation design, supply, installation and maintenance. Regular training and hands on experience in the field ensures technicians are up to date with the latest innovative products and state of the art technology. This enables them to fix the problem and provide high quality water pump servicing. They also understand the good old fashioned basics of irrigation.

They know water pumps because they stock them and install them and that’s what makes them so desirable. It makes perfect sense for clients to choose someone who knows water pumps to service them. They service residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients throughout the Hawkes Bay region.

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