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Unlike older HIV tests, which only search for antibodies, fourth-generation HIV tests can detect HIV antibodies and p24 antigens. As a result, newer tests will have a faster diagnosis than older ones.

Free HIV testing is available at many hospitals and healthcare facilities. The procedure is simple, and it generally entails drawing a small amount of blood from a finger prick.


It’s understandable to be apprehensive about taking an HIV test, but doing so is the best thing you can do for your health. The procedure is easy, painless, and almost always free. Let’s learn more about the 4th generation rapid hiv test.

What is an HIV test of the fourth generation?

The fourth-generation HIV test, also known as an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, is a more comprehensive screening tool that can detect acute HIV infection. This is because the virus multiplies quickly, and you’re more likely to pass it on to others.

Your body releases an antigen called p24 in the first few weeks after being exposed to HIV.

The 4th generation rapid hiv test will detect both the HIV-specific antigen p24 and HIV antibodies with a blood sample.

The fourth-generation tests necessitate the submission of a blood sample to a lab for analysis. The most reliable type of test is blood testing performed in a hospital.

Many items have been licensed for testing in the fourth generation, including:

  • Centaur HIV Ag/Ab Combo (CHIV) Assay by ADVIA
  • HIV Combi PT Elecsys
  • HIV Ag-Ab Genscreen ULTRA
  • HIV Combo Test VITROS

When you go for an exam, what happens?

A small sample of blood from your finger or arm, or an oral swab, is usually taken for examination. This is where you use the measuring pen to extract cells from your mouth by rubbing them over your gums. You can get your results within 20 minutes if you are taking a rapid exam. Other forms of samples would be submitted to a laboratory, and the final product could catch anything from a few times to a few weeks.

While today’s tests are highly accurate for post exposure prophylaxis hiv medications, if your result is positive, you should have a second confirmatory test to double-check your findings. If this is also a positive factor, you will be effective.

The length of time it takes for HIV test results to be returned is determined by the type of test you are taking.

Is the 4th generation HIV test reliable?

The fourth-generation test is dependable and precise.

The following factors influence test reliability:

  • when you’re put to the test (too early may not detect the presence of the virus)
  • What test (antibody or antigen/antibody) is used?
  • the unique person (how your body responds to HIV)

To prevent false positives, the test must be performed after the window time has passed. The fourth-generation test uses a vein blood sample to detect viruses for 18 to 45 days. Exposure of a Reliable Source


Post exposure prophylaxis hiv medications will accurately diagnose the virus as early as one month after infection.

It’s important to remember that after contracting HIV, there’s a period when no test can reliably detect it.

If anyone takes an HIV test during their window, they might get a false-negative result. This means that a person who takes an HIV test within 18 days of contracting the virus is likely to get a false-negative result.

As a result, people who may have been exposed to HIV should wait until the window time has passed before taking a test. This will necessitate a delay of 1–3 months following the possible exposure.

In the Nutshell

Be it cough treatment for kids or any other treatment, accuracy is needed. The accuracy of HIV tests ranges from 99 to 100 percent. Newer lab-based experiments, such as the so-called combination or fourth-generation tests, are nearly 100 percent accurate. If you’ve been infected for a long time, rapid or at-home tests are almost always positive.

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