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Dental implants can be restored via the process known as dental implant restoration. It is available at Next Smile Wollongong. When one has missing teeth, the person may start having insecurities. It can even damage the self-esteem of some people. Apart from that, a lot of people with missing teeth avoid smiling in public.


If missing teeth are restored, there would be changes in one’s appearance which may improve their confidence. There are a lot of dental implant restoration methods one can select from. To determine the right method for you, you have to meet a dentist.

Different Crown Procedures Available

Used in implant restoration

There are two main methods available. As the screw-retained method can be used, the cemented method can also be used. Out of the two options, the screw-retained method is a little bit better. It has a few benefits over the cemented method. When one’s crown has been fractured, a screw-retained method can be used.

Routine dental implant restoration

While determining the type of permanent dental implants Wollongong uses for a patient, the dentists often consider the total number of implants that the patient needs. Only qualified oral surgeons should handle dental implant restorations. Next Smile Wollongong have highly qualified oral surgeons. Before starting to replace, the oral surgeon should have planned all the processes carefully. There are even steps that should be maintained.

Since patients often have different problems, their treatment might not be the same way. Dental implant restorations are often customized for patients. If you are interested in routine dental implant restoration, you have to meet a dentist. The dentist will take the time to access your teeth and formulate the right treatment plan. The charges will also be made known to you at that spot.

The second step in the restoration

After an implant has matched with the bone, two things are still going to be fixed. As you have to fix an implant abutment, you also have to fix a crown. Then you can proceed to place the abutment on top of the implant. The main reason the abutment is fixed is to hold the crown in the right position. Unlike another step, minor surgery is involved in this step.

Two-step restoration

Even though implant restoration should be complete in two steps, it can be up to three at times. Due to some reasons, patients might stop the process and continue later. The time needed for dental implant restoration depends on two things. It depends on the number of implants and the person getting the implant.

Next smile focuses on providing patients with standard restorative dental solutions. Their qualified professionals offer a wide range of dental implant services. For more information, you can reach us on 1300 625 628 or visit Next Smile

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