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People missing all of their teeth have an option other than dentures or fixed bridges. Full arch replacement is an alternative that eliminates the discomfort and frustration of dentures. Among the benefits noted by wearers is the ability to enjoy varied diets and a renewed sense of self-confidence. Learn more about this procedure from Sapphire Dental Houston to determine whether it is a suitable choice. You can also get this treatment from Emergency Dental Services.

Dentures Have Drawbacks:


Dentures may make the mouth more attractive and functional but they also have drawbacks. Denture wearers may look and feel older than they are. Eating can be a very unpleasant experience and many people worry about their dentures clicking or slipping when in public. With implants, individuals do not experience discomfort, restrictions, and potential embarrassment. They speak clearly, eat comfortably, and often say that they feel better. Sapphire Smiles Dental will help to have healthy dentures.

Full Arch Dental Implants:

Two types of implants are commonly used during this procedure. A bar-retained implant features a skinny ingot attached to many implants placed within the jawbone. Attachments are tailor-made to the bar, the denture, or both. The denture is then placed over the bar and securely attached. With a ball-retained implant, each jawbone-embedded implant features a ball-shaped metal stud that matches into an attachment on the denture. The balls enter the sockets, securing the denture to the jawbone. In some cases, the denture contains the attachments and the implant features the sockets. Houston Heights Dentistry offers a modern technology to get the treatment done properly.

Anatomy, any opposing teeth, and the number of teeth needing to be replaced determine the number of implants required for the fixed bridge. If all teeth on one jaw are missing, a full arch implants can be placed. If any teeth are remaining, they may need to be removed and a temporary fixed bridge may be required to transition to the implants.


After the Full-Arch Implants are placed, a two-week healing period is usually recommended. However, a full arch of implants can now be connected to a short-lived fixed bridge during a process called immediate loading. As soon as the implants are placed, they begin receiving load from the chewing forces of the wearer. This requires extensive professional planning and coordination.

Full arch replacement involving a full denture is used to replace teeth in a full arch when all teeth are missing. The denture snaps into place, providing a comfortable fit and improving chewing ability. Dental attachments are selected for maximum retention while providing comfort and a natural appearance. A restorative dentist at Emergency Dental Clinic Near Me determines when implant overdenture is the best solution.

Full Arch Dental Implants Cost:

The cost of full-arch treatment along with a dental implant-supported fixed bridge can

The cost of treating a full-arch with a dental implant-supported fixed bridge can go beyond $100,000 per arch with some surgical and prosthodontic teams.

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