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A hybrid uses an electric motor and gas engine to power a car. To recapture power, regenerative braking is used. As the electric motor can power a hybrid car on its own, the gas engine does the same thing. They can also work together to power a hybrid car. Since less gas will be consumed, you won’t be spending as much on fuel. Since electric power can be added, it will help the hybrid car to perform better.

Even though a hybrid car has a battery, electricity requires another battery of high voltage. For battery maintenance, gas engines are used in hybrid cars. From using less fuel to setting a cheap vehicle price, hybrid designs are used to bring a lot of improvements. You will only spend more when you want to replace damaged parts. To keep your hybrid car in good condition, you have to replace the windscreen immediately if it gets damaged. The different types of hybrid cars are listed below

Parallel hybrid

In recent designs, gas engines are used together with electric motors. Since they are connected, the two sources of power combine. As it can be a manual transmission, it can also be an automatic transmission. Power-split CVT is one of the most commonly used hybrid transmissions. As it can be found in Toyota Prius, it can also be found in Chevrolet Volt.

Transmission type plays a big role in determining the acceleration and feel of parallel hybrid cars. The gas engine size also matters a lot. A lot of popular brands employ the use of parallel hybrid design. Some of them are Toyota, Hyundai and Honda.

Plug-In hybrid

Plug-in hybrids are used to improve hybrids with a better battery. Just like electric cars, a plug-in hybrid can be charged with electricity. It can be at home, a charging station, or any other place with a good source of electricity.

The storage in a plug-in hybrid can store a lot of energy at once. If you can manage to charge every night, you can run with a plug-in hybrid all day. You won’t have to spend on fuel anymore. Your expenses will only be on repairing damaged windscreen or any other vital hybrid car part. One of the most popular plug-in hybrids is the Chrysler Pacifica.

Series hybrid

The electric motor gives the thrust that the series hybrid needs. No form of mechanical connection exists between the wheels and the other part. The only thing the gasoline engine does is charge the battery when it is low. As a result, the driving experience of a series hybrid is similar to that of an electric car. The series hybrid has a powerful acceleration. BMW i3 is a great example.

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