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If you are looking for a water pump in Western Australia, then Perth is a great place to start looking.

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Not surprisingly, many water pump specialists are based in Perth and they are a great source of information when you are looking for a water pumping solution. water sprinkler Perth Water pumps are used in the domestic agricultural and commercial sectors throughout Perth and the state of Western Australia.


In Perth gardens,  it is more common for an electric water pump or solar water pump to be used. The choice really depends on the application. They are commonly used as part of a complete water pumping solution with emphasis on sprinkler irrigation, water sprinklers and lawn sprinklers. Domestic gardeners are also embracing water conserving approaches which include micro drip irrigation and water filtration systems to encourage a lusher, greener garden. Solar water pumps are experiencing a surge in popularity for their efficiency and environmental benefits. Teamed with a solar panel or two, they use free, clean energy from the sun to keep the water flowing to the garden. Home irrigation systems have become even more popular as homeowners are time conscious and many employ the services of an irrigation specialist to help work out the best water pump for their garden.


While shopping for a water pump for irrigation is easy in Perth, sometimes all the choices can be confusing. There are so many different purpose built water pumps: solar water pumps, water transfer pumps, fire fighting pumps, bore and rainwater tank pumps and so many more. The choice of which pump to get really relates to your end goal.  A professional pump installer will be able to help you design a pumping solution that matches your irrigation needs.


In the agricultural sector there are three main types of pumps used in Western Australia

  1. Centrifugal water pumps – typically powered by electric or diesel motors
  2. Electric submersible water pumps
  3. Turbine water pumps – also powered by electric or diesel

Some water pumping solutions also use solar powered pumps to boost/supplement a water pumping solution. Sometimes even fire fighting pumps are used to help irrigators in remote locations or when other forms of power supply are unavailable.


The choice around which pump is best for your irrigation system will most likely require some expert advice as trial and error can be costly. A great way to educate yourself a little, is to read up on what other people have done and become familiar with some of the brands.


For example Grundfos https://www.thinkwater.com.au/preferred-suppliers/grundfos/ is a well known and respected brand in the world of water pumps and has many uses in irrigation in and around Perth.


Another interesting read relates to how an irrigation system was set up on a dairy farm at Cookernup, south of Perth. lawn sprinkler Perth The farmers were looking for a way to improve their feed stock. Innovative irrigation design combined with the right water pump helped achieve their desired outcome.

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The choice around which water pump is best suited for your irrigation needs really depends on the scope of your project. If your needs are simple, a quick trip to Think Water in Perth will get you gowing. If you are thinking big – you definitely need to get the specialist team from Think Water to get on board and help you come up with the best water pumping solution for your irrigation needs.

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