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Life is a significant journey, so friends play an essential part in a person’s daily lives from childhood to death. Despite the difficulties that it can entail, in some cases, placing trust in others, numerous studies have found the benefit of forming this type of bond.

Friendship refers to the close bond that is formed between two people or a group. This type of relationship is usually based on the trust, affection, loyalty, sympathy and respect that the relationship members show reciprocally. Friendship is a fundamental component in life that also favours people’s mental health. Friendship is, without a doubt, one of the most eloquent relationships that a person can have. In this, friendship blog we will discuss why is it so important to have friends?

Why is it so important to have friends?

Humans are social beings from the moment they are born; they need the care and affection of the fellow beings. As we grow, we belong to different groups and choose who we want to spend our free time with. Having friends encourages the sense of belonging to these groups, which brings excellent emotional value to the person since feeling integrated into our closest environment is usually directly related to increased self-esteem and motivation.

Besides, being able to trust your friends, telling them that personal and private information that you want to share with them, in most cases, contributes to stress relief. Feeling heard, understood and/or loved is often a good “pain reliever” for “emotional pain.” This friendship blog best friend is related to an improvement in the self-concept of the person who listens. It should be mentioned in this section that this benefit occurs in those functional friendship relationships that is, in which each one, in addition to this bond, has their space and does not feel dependent on the other person.

Being able to place trust in a friend also helps overcome those more complicated situations that a person may be experiencing, such as a duel, a breakup, the loss of a job, etc. It is beneficial for your mental health to be able to share challenging moments with someone who supports and encourages you, connecting on a deeper level. Friends can help you change unhealthy lifestyle habits.

The importance of having friends

Having friends is extremely important because they are our emotional support. It is even scientifically proven that having friends improves our health.

The friendship blog wants to tell you that friendship facilitates communication, a decisive factor in our well-being, and it is often easier to communicate with a friend than with our relatives. Many times a recently acquainted friend becomes as important as our lifelong friendships. This is why making friends is such an important part of one’s life. Do not hesitate to try to make new friends, because as they say there, who does not risk or win or lose, and we do not want to lose the opportunity to succeed.Go ahead and make friends; it won’t even matter how old you are.

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