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The last year the virtual meetings were more than ever, and in covid19 situation, we learned to work remotely. Communications, especially, have acquired a virtual nuance more marked than ever, which has surely caused you to spend many hours in meetings with your teammates,  mobile protector which in itself carries advantages and disadvantages.

You can have a work meeting from the place that you like the most, although on the other hand, constantly sharing your camera can cause you exhaustion.

However, it is necessary to understand the benefits and professional development that will generate your career showing you turn on the video when you have a meeting.

These are some of the advantages!

1 – You will look more responsible

Showing yourself in front of the camera is an indication that you have started the workday promptly. Keeping your camera turned off can make a bad impression – your boss and colleagues may assume you’ve just gotten up and are therefore not ready to go. Always organize yourself with time, that even if you work from home you must be well prepared to start your day.

2 – You will generate more confidence in your work team

On the other hand, if you don’t turn on your camera, it can create the feeling that you have something to hide. Although this is not the case, trust is a virtue that is gained over time, so you should do what you have in your power to achieve it. If your colleagues know your way of being, your gestures, and your attitudes, they may have a more accurate meaning about you.

3 – You will participate more in the meetings

If you have your camera turned off, you are more likely to get distracted and do other tasks that divert your attention from what is being discussed in the meeting. The idea that your colleagues are watching you will automatically make you more focused and by default, you will be much more participatory. It is always a plus that you contribute ideas to the group!

4 – You will be able to better follow and understand the rhythm of the conversation

Full hd webcam If you turn on your camera, chances are your other teammates will too, leading to more effective communication. In turn, that all those who participate in the meeting have their videos on, it is easier to create a balanced and respectful rhythm of the meeting, because you can anticipate who of your colleagues wants to add something, give them the space to speak and not step on each other, and especially, show yourself empathic in any situation

5 – You will strengthen relationships with your team

Do not forget that, despite the virtuality existing in remote work, behind computers there are people, with all that that implies. Work will always flow better if you know your colleagues.

In that sense, turning on your video camera will allow your team to have a more transparent view of you, they will be able to trust you, which always translates into a better job.

There are indeed situations where the video is not necessary; surely within the team, they will know how to discern which are the situations that most merit it.

But every remote worker must break with the barrier of anonymity, so present in this field, and be encouraged to build more real working relationships, based on trust and with a prevailing human factor above all else.

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