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Think you’ve never heard of Manawatu? Think again! The beautiful lush greens, rolling hills and spectacular scenery have flooded our cinema and tv screens. You would know the area as Mother Earth in The Hobbit. Manawatu is an area in the North Island of New Zealand located just North of Wellington. While the area is rural, it does have many large towns throughout it, notably Otaki, Foxton, Levin, Taihape and Woodville. It also has two large cities – Wanganui and Palmerston North. Palmerston North is the main centre servicing the region with smaller towns nestled throughout the Manawatu district. The area is vibrant with young families and new industries Water Sprinkler Manawatu .

Think Water Manawatu

While this area is naturally green and beautiful, in the built up area of Manawatu keeping the green lawn looking lush all year round takes a little more effort. Hence, the search for lawn sprinklers is a regular occurrence with lawn sprinkler enthusiasts prepared to travel to Palmerston North to find the best lawn sprinklers around. Perhaps living in Middle Earth has brought out the inner green thumb in Manawatu residents as they strive for the perfect lawn with the perfect hue of green.

Perfection requires a bit of work and many of us are time poor. Hence, the demand for lawn sprinklers, garden sprinklers, water sprinklers, solar pumps, electric pumps and everything irrigation related. Basically, anything that saves time watering the lawn, ensures the lawn and garden are sprinkled regularly and maximum lush green saturation is achieved are in high demand.

Talk around the dinner table inevitably leads to discussions about where to find the best lawn sprinklers in Manawatu. Backyard BBQ’s are high pressure events as families strive for the best lawn and lawn sprinkler envy is a real thing.

The climate in Manawatu enjoys a reasonably mild climate with colder temperatures inland. In summer, averages range from 20-23 degrees while in winter they sit typically in single digit figures. This climate creates challenges for lawn enthusiasts. Searching for the right lawn sprinkler system becomes a priority. Typically, the search leads to Tremaine Avenue in Palmerston North where all things lawn sprinkler related can be found Lawn Sprinkler Manawatu .

It is at the Think Water store where brains are picked, plans are hatched and the competition for the perfect lawn becomes serious. All expert help is gratefully accepted. Victory is claimed as the perfect lawn emerges. Of course it doesn’t stop there – once the perfect lawn is obtained it must be maintained and the secret to success carefully guarded.

Ironically, the reality is anyone can find the perfect lawn sprinkler, grow the perfect lawn and look after it like their reputation depends on it, simply by visiting the Think Water store at Palmerston North in Manawatu. Happy gardening!

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