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Website navigation is very important in helping users to find various content on your website. For a user-friendly website, site navigation should be the crucial thing to consider. The user experience should be the ultimate goal of every website creator.


There are various importance of user experience, these include;

  • Boosting user conversion rate
  • Improve visitors experience while on your website
  • It helps to reduce the bounce rate on your website
  • Makes customers trust your website
  • It improves your SEO performance

To enjoy all the above benefits of site navigation, improve your website navigation by following these tips.

Tips to Improve Site Navigation

1. The Site Navigation Should Be Easy To Find

This is the most important thing. The navigation menu should be easy to find at first glance. Its position should be easy to predict, such as in the top right or left corner of your website. Also, you can give it a better look by adding colours and contrasts to help grab attention.]

2. Site Navigation Should Be Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website is a must nowadays, and the same applies to mobile navigation. It should also be mobile-first whereby the search engine will rank the mobile version of your website first. You should therefore use site navigations based on CSS, JQuery or JavaScript.

3. Have Clear And Descriptive Navigation Titles

It is important to be clear on navigation titles. A clear navigation description will not make users guess where to click. Concise and clear navigation titles improve web accessibility and improve both SEO and UX.

4. Avoid Complicated Navigation

The site navigation should be as simple as possible. Avoid creating an overwhelming navigation that can make your audience get confused about where to click. Experts recommend that you should limit the main menu to just 7 items.

5. Use Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are important especially if your website has so many pages and it’s complex. These are clickable navigation elements that hierarchically reflect on your website. This simplifies the navigation and helps the user find where they are while browsing.

There are several other additional things you can do to improve your site navigation such as adding a sticky menu or even adding a search feature to your website. All these contribute to a better user experience and improves your ranking and SEO.

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