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PPC stands for pay-per-click, an internet marketing model where every time an advertisement has been clicked, the advertisers have to pay a fee for that. Essentially, it is a way of buying visits to your site instead of trying to “earn” such visits organically.

Search engine ads are one of the most common kinds of PPC. This enables marketers to bid for ad placement on the supported links of a search engine whenever anyone searches for a keyword-relevant to their business offering.

We have to pay the search engine a small fee any time a user clicks on our advertisement and a visitor is sent to our website. The fee is negligible if the PPC works well, then the visit is worth more than what you pay for it. digital marketing institute in Jaipur

The objective of a PPC ad is to direct the person browsing it to click on the website or app of the advertiser, where a valuable action such as buying a product can be completed by the visitor.


An instantaneous auction for the keyword takes the form of a series there is an ad spot on a search engine results page (SERP). The winner who appears in the top spot of the SERP will be determined by a combination of several factors, including the bid sum and the content of the ad.

Auctions start whenever anyone searches for something on a search engine; if advertisers are interested in displaying advertisements related to the search query of a user, an auction is caused based on keywords that advertisers bid on. The ads that win the auction will then appear on the results page of the search engine.digital marketing course

In order to get involved in these auctions, Accounts are divided into easy management and reporting campaigns for various locations, product types, or other useful categorizations.


There are 3 major types of PPC Marketing advertisements.

TEXT ADS: A text ad is made up of the advertiser’s written copy. Format and character limits which are dependent on the PPC platform you are operating on.

SHOPPING ADS: After a searcher submits a question through a search engine or shopping engine, a shopping ad is usually delivered. Usually, shopping ads provide a picture of the object, the price of it, and any related specifications such as size, colour, measurements, etc.

DISPLAY ADS: Display advertisements typically turn up and are available on websites around the internet for commercial placement. On websites visited by the target market of the advertiser, advertisements are contextually placed.


Amazon Advertising– (E-Commerce Retailers)- Amazon empowers marketers on Amazon’s shopping network to create display- and shopping-focused campaigns that market their items.Digital Marketing Training

Google Ads (Google’s) – On its Search Network and search partner sites, Google offers pay-per-click advertising along with the picture and video advertising on its Display Network. Google Ads platform also makes available YouTube advertising.

Microsoft Advertising (Microsoft’s)- The platform facilitates pay-per-click ads on its Search Network (Bing.com) and affiliate search sites (including Yahoo.com) as well as native Microsoft-owned web property advertising (such as MSN).


  • Advertisements are paid for good results.
  • The better the ad, the higher and lower the cost of the click-through rates.
  • In order to control their PPC campaigns, many advertisers prefer to use Google Ads. The Ads platform allows advertisers to build advertisements that appear on the search engine of Google and other assets of Google.


SPEED: Advertisers can push a large amount of traffic to their website quickly. PPC marketing, if handled successfully, is one of the fastest digital marketing techniques to accelerate growth in traffic and conversion.

PRECISION: It is concise to build a highly targeted audience to view your advertising, particularly on search and shopping networks.

MEASUREMENT: Advertisers can see the ROI of their ads with powerful conversion monitoring.

AGILITY: Quality data is almost instantly available, making it easier to make changes quickly to increase the chances of a successful campaign.


COST: PPC marketing can be very costly, depending on your competition and the industry you work in.

VOLUME: PPC marketing often depends on search volume, particularly on the Search Network. Search and shopping ads won’t generate much traffic if users are not looking for the product or service you offer.

WASTE: Without knowledge of the platform, wasteful ad spending is prevalent due to the technical nature of most PPC platforms.

After reading these details, you can also use PPC marketing in order to achieve your business goals quickly.

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