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AEPS is a protected payment system offered by the NPCI that enables Aadhaar-linked personal bank account holders for making use of basic banking services like balance inquiry and cash withdrawal. Customers just simply need to say their particular 12-digit unique Aadhaar number and perhaps Aadhaar bank name. The approval of fingerprints is made using a biometric system to allow use of the facility.

Aadhaar-based system of payment

Aadhaar powered payment mechanism is a bank led model that enables online interoperable financial transactions at PoS via the global business Correspondent of particularly any bank by using Aadhaar authentication. Bbps Api is actually very good.


Aeps service provider organization with a robust Aadhaar Payment System network. Contact the Money Transfer Services, if you somehow need AEPS App or wish to become another White Label strategic partner, or you might be a reseller or a retailer. We have got an end to the solution for the AEPS, UPI, particular payment gateway, and otherwise a lot more of it. Online Aeps registration process is very fast and quick. Domestic Wire Transfer is also done in many places. Aadhaar scanner and otherwise Aadhaar iris scanner are the most widely used Aadhaar biometric devices that help determine the identity of the individual.

* Agents will register for the particular Aeps Dmt Service to turn their local shop to a new mini ATM

* provides customers with the right solution now for their particular Aeps related needs

* A longer-term market partnership

* Doing Multi Recharge

* Aadhaar Card Withdrawal of Money

* Larger profits from the smaller contributions

* Higher Aeps Commission

Multi Recharge Service

* Instantaneous Settlement Benefits AEPS for Customers

* Offers particular cardless cash transactions through Aadhaar authentication through Aeps app or otherwise portal. It is the best Multi Recharge Business.

* Easy and safe cash withdrawal and the particular balance enquiry service. AEPS itself has been conceived for all sections of society, just so that the rural communities and the elderly instead in urban areas will benefit from a swift and efficient basic particular banking service. Online Multi Recharge is actually a plus for all the people.

* Any of the bank account holder or otherwise customer can indeed access banking facilities by simply identifying their own identity mostly with the aid of biometrics and otherwise Aadhaar numbers again without having to recall the number of the total account. Api Online Recharge is indeed profitable.

* Interoperable across multiple banks.

* Add up to five bank accounts, please.

* Check and perhaps download the mini-statement.

Services provided by AEPS

* Withdrawal of cash

* Enquiry of Balance

* Mini Statement

How do you use AEPS?

The method of using AEPS is very straightforward. Take the following basic steps:

* Visit your own area’s outlet correspondent.

* Send the 12-digit unique Aadhaar number and particular bank name to White Label Atm.

* Pick the transaction type-Cash withdrawal or otherwise balance enquiry.

* Insert the transaction sum

* Authenticate perhaps the transaction by using biometrics.

* The transaction is therefore completed in some seconds.

* The bank representative collects the purchase receipt and the client receives a confirmation through SMS from the bank. White Label Portal should be clean.

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