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The government aims to use the Aadhaar database for shaping the digital future and use it for additional payments, and the verification of transactions is therefore the secret to its success. Although the Centralized Payments Interface and perhaps BHIM are indeed processes now for peer-to-peer transfers by using the smart phones, again the government is supporting Aadhaar-enabled non-Smartphone-enabled payment systems.

Provide basic financial services like cash deposits, balance enquiries, cash withdrawals and remittances to low-cost machines called MicroATMs, maintained by business correspondents together in an interoperable manner called Aadhaar Allowed Payment Service. You should always contact the Best Recharge API Provider.


Aadhaar enabled Payment System is perhaps a bank-led model that enables an online financial possible inclusion transaction out through the Micro-ATM via the new business correspondent for any other bank by using Aadhaar authentication. Mobile Recharge API Provider earn in this very much. This device is designed to somehow manage all UNS and OFFUS requests smoothly and effectively by allowing the authentication portal for all other Aadhaar account holders. Support offered

* Survey of Equilibrium

* Withdrawal of real cash

* Deposit of currency

* Transfer of Aadhaar to the Aadhaar Fund

* Detection of strongest fingers

Mini Comment

NPCI’s position in AEPS

Channeling government benefits/subsidies once again to the account of beneficiary in a straightforward and safe way, also offering easy-to-use, Secure and otherwise safer payment network to make use of these opportunities by just using their finger prints. There are a lot of good Mobile Recharge API Provider.

NPCI serves as an authentication system Service Agency (ASA) directly linked to UIDAI to expand Aadhaar-based payment services. In this business there is always Recharge API with High Margin.

Gateway authentication system Services for UNS Aadhaar has allowed financial inclusion of transactions now for banks wishing to directly connect to UIDAI networks via NPCI (This actual service is totally optional for the banks and they just can directly connect to UIDAI). Domestic Wire Transfer is also considered safe.

Simply switching, clearing and even settlement operations for OFFUS Aadhaar centered mostly on financial inclusion transactions.

Aadhaar Activated Payment System AEPS is somehow another government programme to encourage cashless economy and digital banking. It is one of the best Money Transfer Services. AEPS is however a NPCI, NPCI actually deals with most of the switching, processing and final settlement of your own transactions which is a new initiative that mostly helps the bank client to get money out from their personal bank account. AEPS comes with a range of benefits that are worth remembering.

The characteristics of the AEPS are as follows:

* You don’t have to either sign paperwork or use any other debit cards for withdrawing your money.

* You don’t need to go and visit the bank for withdrawing your money.

How precisely are you going to get money from AEPS?

You ought to ask yourself how AEPS will help you borrow money without ever using your own card and otherwise visiting perhaps the bank. Ok, the Aadhaar card actually makes it convenient for you to do so. Everything you actually need to do is attach your Aadhaar card to your own bank account. When your Aadhaar card is connected to your personal bank account, you can take advantage of AEPS services.

All financial and even the non-financial transactions are probably carried out through perhaps a bank correspondent who will contact you with another micro POS and otherwise validate your Aadhaar details through UIDAI to somehow authenticate your own fingerprint and then enable you to carry out the transactions.

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