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If you are thinking of setting up an online business you need to take support of some softwares that is essential for running your business smoothly. Here are enlisted some of them that can technically support you in the way you need, that includes:

Inventory-Planner Support

Inventory planning is the process that an organization needs to determine the optimal quantity and timing which aims to increase the organization capacity to produce and make sales.


Influence of inventory planning on the company:

  • It determines the cash flow of any company and profit margins with reference to those who have over dependence on fast turnovers of materials and goods.
  • It is an important asset of the company as it engages itself in producing, selling, and trading of products that must have a huge stack of inventory firms.
  • It can forecast according to the sales trend prioritizing what needs to be ordered.
  • It can easily create purchase orders based on inventory forecasts.
  • Also alerts you if you are going low with

Quickbooks Support:

Quickbooks Support is a well known business accounting software that is the most suitable program for small businesses. It is beneficial in managing income and expenses and also keeping track of the financial health of their businesses. It can be used for:

  • Invoicing customers.
  • Paying bills.
  • Generating reports.
  • Preparing taxes.

It is a great and easy to use software that has several solutions for anyone whatever he/she is a freelancer or running a small business.

Different ways to use QuickBooks:

  • You can create invoices in an easy way and can print them also, or email to the customers.
  • It automatically keeps track of your bills and expenses when your bank account and credit card are connected with the quickbooks they can be downloaded for further use.
  • It can provide you the printed financial statements that can inform you about your business’s performance.

You can also prepare Profit and Loss Report, Balance Sheet Report, Statement of Cash Flows very easily.

Quickbooks Commerce Support can manage various tasks like track employee hours and Run Payroll, track inventory, Simplify Taxes, Accept Online Payments, Scan Receipts, Track mileage and many more.

BigCommerce Support

BigCommerce is a popularly known ecommerce platform which is helpful in setting up an online store. It helps you in many ways such as adding products, making money, through your website. Moreover it is specialized to help you sell your products online. The platform provides you all the key features that can benefit you in many ways such as Multichannel selling, Cart-level discounts, Abandoned cart saver and many more.

Features of BigCommerce Support:

  • Facilitates you with many built-in features that help you to grow your business.
  • A prestigious ecommerce platform that will help to boost your business.
  • Provides you multiple channels like facebook, instagram, and Pinterest to sell your products.
  • Has fantastic SEO tools.

Dear Support

Dear support is a cloud based ERP solution for retailers and small businesses, wholesalers, manufacturers, and e-commerce operators. It includes the whole business modules such as e-commerce, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, inventory management, and accounting.

Key features of Dear Support:

  • Used to create plans and track the purchase process.
  • Reminds the user to reorder the stock to avoid the condition of stock out.
  • You can track all purchase records with specific reports.
  • Analysis the purchase cost.
  • Aslo records the supplier-purchasing history along with product cost to help businesses.

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