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From some recent years, water filters have been all rage, and that is not again without justification. The discrepancies between tap water and perhaps bottled water which have been well known and we have spoken about them for a long time. In certain cases – i.e. where drinking water is not impacted by a recent environmental crisis or whenever the jurisdictions that control it do their job properly – tap water is just not only up to 1000 times cheaper even than the bottled water, but it is still generally cleaner. Bottled water is especially helpful when good drinking water is not available.

Countertop filters are, in theory, very basic equipment. They consist solely of another diverter tube which is connected to the sink socket and diverts instead the incoming water far away even from the socket and into that filter. The filtering system itself is situated at the top of the service counter, next up to the drain. It has now one or two interchangeable filter cartridges. Perhaps the incoming water runs through the pump, filters further into the toner cartridges, and usually comes out through just the filter’s own socket and straight back into the drain. Fluoride Water Filters have been always doing a great work.

Let us take a closer dive now and look at all the advantages of a countertop filter, both in general terms and in contrast to other filters:


The fresh water probably tastes better than that. As in other water filters, another one of their main features is filtering harmful odors and tastes out of drinking water. These undesired smells and tastes can come from benign causes such as fluoride and otherwise chlorine, or may be a symptom of any other issues with your drinking water. In either case, an irritating scent or taste will drive a lot of people away from drinking water and cause them either to use filtered water or, worse yet, to drink less water every day than even their own body wants. Counter Top Water Filter is usually preferred.

Water is better than drinking. Like we have said, bad smells and tastes can also be an indication that the water is not really safe to drink. Not to note that a lot of toxic chemicals do not leave a flavor in the water. Countertop filters, like all water filters, try to make sure however that the water is as pure and as safe to drink as possible. Irrespective of the situation of drinking water in your municipality, a countertop filter can still supply you with clean water to drink. Stefani Water Filters has been very popular right now.

It is going to save money. Lots of people are hesitant to purchase water filters just because they do not want to spend again the money. However, since the option is to buy the bottled water, instead a nice countertop filter will save you nearly incalculable quantities of money in the longer run.

 It is better and healthier almost in every way. With another countertop filter, the water is not only cleaner – it is going to be better. Many of the great filters do not only clean the water, they most often enrich perhaps the water with valuable minerals that it always lacks.

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