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A cloud phone system offers more than just cost savings! You can enjoy more control and flexibility, simple management and the freedom to remove or add users and services as needed, use advanced features and apps and the built-in redundancy and disaster recovery. However, choosing a cloud computing Brisbane system is not free from risks. Though implementing and using a cloud system is simple, aligning a cloud phone system with your business operations and goals to increase ROI is a difficult process that demands a well-defined plan.

There are certain elements that you should consider when choosing a cloud phone system for your business.


User experience

You need to check the kind of applications and features that you need to become more productive. Consider your priorities and check if different groups of users will need different techniques and tools. Engage your workers throughout the process to make sure the Brisbane IT Support you choose is the perfect one.

Review and testing

Checking the current condition of the user experience and performance is essential. Check the minimum benchmark for implementing a cloud phone system. Your IT department should be ready to support features and apps of the phone system not just today but in the future as well. Ensure that you check and test before, during and after deployment as your needs change.

Strategic planning for long term results

Some businesses use cloud phone system along with other apps and services from multiple vendors. Besides an implementation plan, you need a roadmap to ensure integration of different platforms and managing their performance holistically.

Evaluation of technology

You might be tempted towards the cheapest solution or the one that looks easiest to use. But, cyber security Brisbane solutions must be checked and evaluated based on your business and communication needs. This will help you ensure the system you choose include your must-have features and other valuable features that you may want to add down the road.

Performance and quality checking

A good cloud phone system will troubleshoot and address issues proactively and that will help you avoid disruption to business processes and the user experience. The system should be collecting data from lots of sources and correlate to keep higher levels of performance and quality.

Phased migration

You can migrate to a cloud based system in phases as it will let you move small groups of users and services to the cloud and slowly increase as you operate the kinks with a little disruption.

Application integration

Users should be accessible to all applications in a cloud phone system through one interface. If not, you might experience inefficiency and management complexity that can undo certain cloud benefits. So, ensure the applications you choose can be integrated with other platforms.

Compliance and consistency

A cloud phone system service provider should ensure you that your data and apps are secure and with minimum compliance requirements. They also need to have a documented business consistency plan during an emergency.

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