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AePS basically means Aadhaar Enabled Payment System and otherwise it is a kind of payment process by which other Aadhaar Cardholders really can make banking transactions mostly with even their own 12-digit unique identification number. It is already a mechanism developed by the National Payments Company of India, which runs on a Micro-ATM via business correspondents.

It includes the total submission of the whole Aadhaar number as well as the debit/credit card number and the authentication provided by the fingerprint/iris check. In order to start making deposits, depositing funds, making transactions and enquiries mostly about the bank balance, etc. just using Aeps, Aadhaar also must be connected to the personal bank account. You can easily find many good Mobile Recharge Api Provider.


AePS, a bank-led model, is structured to accomplish the following objectives:

The Aeps scheme helps the customer to use Aadhaar’s connected bank accounts for transactions such as with cash deposits, cash transfers, interbank or even interbank lending transfer, balance enquiries, and mini-declarations.It definitely helps to somehow achieve the goal of the whole federal government of India and the Reserve Bank of further India to both bring about financial inclusion and encourage the electrification of other payments. It also promotes the disbursement of such funds even under various government schemes, such as with NREGA, social security disability Pension, physically handicapped due to old age Pension, etc. There is a lot of Recharge API Provider in India.

In the end, it is seeking to create a solid platform for Aadhaar-based banking services.

Aeps enables consumers to enter Aadhaar’s connected bank accounts via a mechanism maintained mostly by business correspondents. These are some of the common services and one that can be made accessible via the Aadhaar Powered Payment System. You can also do a business of Recharge API with High Margin.

* Transactions via Interbank

* Investments in intra-bank

* The ECYC

* Detection of the finger

* Survey of Equilibrium

* Withdrawal of cash

* Deposit of currency

AePS can be used by all Indian citizens who actually hold perhaps an Aadhaar card and have also been connected even their own Aadhaar to personal bank accounts. To use AePS, then you really need to take the following steps:

* Visit the ATM microphone or the bank correspondent. Perhaps the bank correspondent is therefore the agent elected and appointed mostly by the bank to expand financial services to places where there is no other bank branch. Domestic Wire Transfer is also a good way.

* Now have the Aadhaar number and otherwise IIN number. IIN or Entity Identifier Number helps to recognize the name of the bank

* Next, pick the sort of transaction you intend to perform. Finally, check into the fingerprint/iris scan and obtain your receipt. One should always choose the best Money Transfer Services.

Aeps offers the following unique features and incentives also for banking transactions:

* Convenient: In order to carry out financial transactions using Aeps, the customer does not need to continue carrying a bank account passbook or to provide records mostly on banking transactions. Transactions can be made by Aadhaar Authentication and otherwise Biometric Identification.

* Financial Inclusion: The Aeps scheme also aims to bring about financial inclusion through the offering access to banking transactions where there is no other banking infrastructure by setting up mini ATMs and by business correspondents.

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