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Do you know the definition of health? It is the functional and metabolic efficiency of the body as well as the ability to adapt to the mental, physical and social changes that the body is exposed to. Health is also a safety condition of the body from physical, mental and social disorders. It is a basic factor that helps you do your daily life chores perfectly and energetically. Physical health indicates that the body does not have any diseases in any part of the body, and the safety of its membranes. Following tips for healthy life style help you ultimately achieve mental and social health, and also accomplish social chores entrusted to you without any defect and error.

To achieve good health and wellbeing, you are advised to


follow certain healthy-fitness tips explained below…

Healthy meals

What goes into your mouth decides how your health will be. A healthy diet plan can help increase your immune system, help maintain a healthy weight and enhance your overall health. Include more grain products, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, etc in the diet plan. Such a balanced diet plan will provide an ideal base to start a healthy routine.

Drinking water

Water keeps the muscles and joints working energetically, increases water quantity in the blood, encourage healthy skin and cardio health, and also help cleanse toxins from your body.

Regular exercise

A 30-minute moderate exercise everyday will help prevent heart diseases, diabetes and other life threatening diseases. Fitness healthy tips always warn you to lose weight, if you are overweight. Decrease the number of calories that you intake a day is the only way to reduce additional weight.

Washing hands before meals

This is one of the neglected healthy fitness tips you should follow to stay healthy. Washing hands before meals is a good habit and an excellent way to prevent infection. If you skip this tip, you might become prone to bacteria and germs that stay on your palms and fingers and can be moved to your mouth. This will affect your health and cause infections and diseases.

Skin protection

This is one of the basic tips for fitness and healthy life. Skin is the primary layer of protection in the body, so we should protect it. Sunlight in the summer season is harmful to the skin cells because UV rays damage or kill skin cells. On the other hand, winter season brings in many skin diseases such as redness, irritation and allergies. Hence, we have to shield our skin in all seasons.

Sound sleep                 


Getting a good sleep is crucial and proven tips for healthy eyes, body and mind. Sound sleep in the night helps the body to repair and be fit and ready for the day. It also prevents many physical health issues such as excess weight gain, and protects your mind and heart as well as improves quality of life.

Thus, improve your lifestyle, adopt effective lifestyle choices and develop healthy habits so that you can make healthy changes in life.

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