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Aluminum is a material that has been used for quite a long time in the production of doors and windows. Still, relatively recently, the metalwork made of this material has also been used in housing. It has gained popularity, mainly in recent years. Thanks to the popularization of the modern style in architecture and greater availability and growing awareness of investors. The functional properties of Aluminium Plate joinery make it a good alternative to wooden and PVC joinery. Simultaneously, it perfectly fits the aesthetics of buildings maintained in a modern or minimalist style.

Basic advantages of using aluminum in construction

The wide use of aluminum in construction enables its excellent properties – relatively low specific weight, a high degree of strength and plasticity, facilitating processing. There are relatively easy options for extruding, bending, and forming Mild Steel Plates. The low hardness and ductility of aluminum are also helpful in cutting, milling, and drilling. It allows you to reduce energy requirements during the production process.


In construction, aluminum is also valued for its corrosion resistance. The I Beam Size can be painted in any color from the RAL palette, using appropriate powder paints.

Due to the low density of aluminum Metal Sheet Singapore and its high strength, this material can successfully replace steel construction. The use of aluminum allows us to obtain structures that are much lighter than and as durable as steel ones and reduce material consumption. For these reasons, aluminum is used in construction as an alternative to steel and works well in joinery.

Aluminum in windows and doors

Strength, plasticity, and relatively low weight make it possible to use Aluminium Sheet Singapore to produce classic-sized windows and large glazing. This is the main advantage of aluminum in window joinery: PVC, due to its properties, is not suitable for the production of very large windows. Not every customer wants wooden windows – due to the need to care for wood.

Aluminum is also highly resistant to weather conditions, making aluminum windows an attractive alternative to PVC and wood products. Properly processed Perforated Panel aluminium is very strong, which makes that in the joinery, it is eagerly used to produce doors and windows with anti-burglary properties. Aluminum joinery is also characterized by a modern look, high aesthetics, and great possibilities for finishing the profiles in colors.

Parameters of aluminum windows and doors

Made with proper care, Aluminium U Channel windows and doors guarantee high quality and a beautiful appearance. However, we should be aware that the performance parameters – for example, thermal and acoustic insulation, burglary resistance – are not determined by the material. The key to maintaining good properties are such elements as the thickness of the profile, additional equipment or the type of glass package used, and finally – the production process and well-carried out assembly. Aluminum joinery can be successfully used in energy-saving or even passive houses, as long as we choose windows and doors with the best thermal insulation properties.

Aluminum C Channel windows and doors usually have good thermal parameters, but this is not a unique feature for this type of material – because similar properties may also have specific PVC and wooden joinery products.

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