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Many people nowadays have realized that it is very important for them to take a good diet. But most of the people which are in that list have not ever realized that the importance of the safe and pure water is also a must thing. There is a high risk in drinking the unclean and the unhealthy water which is full of contaminants. But you don’t need to worry because with the great help of water filters, you will be easily able to get clean and healthy water for drinking.


Many of the people assume that tap water is good enough and is perfect for drinking. But when it comes to the health talks, then people should not get satisfied with the good enough but instead they should go for the extra mile. Tap water is always contaminated with a lot of different pollutants and if you’re a person who ensures their own perfect health, then installing the water filters and water purifiers in your home are necessary.

One of the main contaminants that most of the people might not know about is fluoride. Fluoride is actually added along with the chlorine that comes through the tap water in your house. It is not totally removed and it poses a risk to the health. Fluoride was basically added for a keeping a measure to help our teeth to stay in the good condition.

There are specific filters which can remove the fluoride effectively from the drinking water. Fluoride filter Australia does remove the different types of other contaminants alongside with fluoride. The fluoride which is added for the good might also contain the contaminants like lead, mercury and arsenic.

Many of the people might be thinking to choose the bottled water which will totally ensure them their safety. However, you will notice that bottled water is not that much safe as the fluoride water filters are. Bottled water is not at all regulated that much carefully as the water filters are. The standards from which the fluoride water filters need to go through are a lot higher than what the standards of bottled water are.

There is one more filter in this list which is the benchtop water filters; it is one of the most popular filters that are present in a lot of offices and homes. A countertop water filter is a type of filter which converts the ordinary mains water into the clean water, it tastes great and then drinking water is totally odor free.

Then we come to our next best filters which are the Doulton Water Filters, they are basically made up of the filter elements which are produced by using the latest techniques of ceramic for coming up with the hollow porous ceramic. This type of product is then going to be fired at the temperature which will be in excess of above thousand degrees Celsius, so this will be the best filter for removing the unwanted substances.

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