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Zygomatic Implants are now becoming increasingly popular because of the technique’s unique approach to dental procedures. If you wish to expand your realm of dental artistry, then Zygomatic surgery is an important skill to learn.

This training and certification can be attained from zygomatic implants experts. More and more patients are drawn towards zygomatic implants as they have earlier turned away from traditional dental procedures. Traditional dental procedures are curated with a rather universal approach in mind. Zygomatic surgery is more so catered towards an individual’s personal bone structure. Thus, experienced training in zygomatic surgery can help enhance your dental skills. It would enable you to serve your customers better.

Zaga Centres are specialized experts in zygomatic surgery. The ZAGA Zygomatic Implant Course is a 3 Day course. It is an intense and comprehensive course. It is taught by Dr Claros Aparicio in Barcelona Spain. This 3-day course has a designated schedule that takes the surgeons from training to experience. On the first day of the training, Dr Aparicio introduces the surgeons to the ZAGA philosophy and technique. Understanding the ZAGA Philosophy helps you understand the essence of the treatment and the ideology behind it. This is followed by Live Surgery, wherein Dr Aparicio demonstrates zygomatic implant surgery. The surgeons get a first-hand look at how the ZAGA philosophy is applied in surgery. The day ends with a social dinner so that the surgeons can mingle amongst one another and build upon their dental network.


The second day of the course begins with Dr Aparicio explaining the radiological and clinical aspects of the paranasal sinuses. He then discusses the criteria for success. This is important to understand when the surgeons employ their learning onto real-life patients. Each case needs to be analyzed and the success of the surgery needs to be calculated. Then it moves into soft tissue management to help the surgeons understand how soft tissue must be managed around the zygomatic implants.

The course then moves forward with the practical lessons. The first is to understand how to get immediate prosthesis delivery. This is important to be able to suit the needs of patients who might want to move ahead with the implants quite soon. The second day ends with the surgeons getting a chance to employ their learning onto 3D Models. This practical experience prepares them for surgery on the 3rd day. The surgeons can get an opportunity to find out if they are easily able to practically apply the things that they have learned in the course so far.

The third and final day of the course requires the surgeons to practice on a Cryo-Preserved Head. This is the last and most important step that the patients need to go through before they go on and start practicing on actual real-life patients. This is the step where they get to find out if they have so far grasped everything they have been taught in the course.

The course has thus been designed to become the perfect amalgamation of theory and practice. The surgeons will get to do everything from witnessing surgery to performing surgery.

As a dental surgeon, training zygomatic implants from ZAGA Centres can prove to be extremely beneficial.

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